Best Trees To Plant In Dallas

Dallas, Texas is home to a wide variety of gorgeous, hearty trees. Not only are the streets lined with trees but the city also houses one of the largest hardwood forests in the US, the Trinity River Forest. 

But some trees do better than others in this Texas area. So if you are a new homeowner and would like to spruce up your yard by planting some trees, it is important that you do your homework on what works and what doesn’t. Here is a list of the best types of trees in Dallas to make your work easier. 

5 Types Of Trees In Dallas That Thrive All Year Long

There are many trees native to North Texas that you can plant in your home to bring life and energy to your property. Here are our top five.

1. Cedar Elm

The cedar elm ranks among the most common native trees in Dallas. It is tough and heat tolerant and can withstand even the severest of droughts. 

These trees provide a picturesque golden foliage in autumn. They have small leaves that appear shiny green during spring and as the leaves continue to grow and mature, they become a little rough. 

If you live in an area that has poorly drained soils, then this elm would be a great choice for you. It can flourish in heavy, compacted soils much better than most types of trees in Dallas. 

A cedar elm can grow up to 80 feet high and 75 feet wide. However, if the tree is stressed due to harsh conditions, it will remain much smaller. Have a professional tree service Dallas company check your tree regularly to make sure it grows right and stays healthy. 

2. Monterrey Oak 

If you are into oaks and looking for one that grows quickly, beautifies your yard, and is not susceptible to oak wilt, then Monterrey oak could be just what you are looking for. It is one of the trees native to North Texas, and is becoming a favorite of many property owners. 

A Monterrey oak has a rough bark and smooth edged leaves with medium-sized acorns. When conditions are favorable, the tree can grow up to a height of 90 feet and a width of 80 feet. This makes it the perfect solution for tree lovers looking to add some shade to their homes. 

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3. Live Oak


Another oak variety that will provide your yard with both shade and beauty is the live oak. Live oaks are evergreen and can grow up to 85 feet high, with their canopy spreading up to 110 feet. The leaves are small and roundish and grow on massive horizontal branches. 

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Live oaks produce acorns in summer that are delicious to eat both for humans and wildlife. The trees are extremely tough and resilient and once established, they can withstand drought and harsh weather conditions like high winds and storms better than most tree varieties. Pruning regularly can help prolong their already impressive lifespan. And there are plenty of tree trimming Texas services that can help with this. 

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4. Texas Mountain Laurel 

If you are looking for something smaller, then Texas mountain Laurel is the perfect solution. This gorgeous north Texas native can be used as a dwarf tree or a shrub for small patio spaces. 

The tree produces evergreen, lustrous oval leaves that are complemented by beautiful purple flowers in spring. A mountain laurel grows slowly and will typically reach a height of 15 feet. However, under some conditions, for instance, if the tree is not trimmed, it can eventually grow to a height of 40 feet. Plant the tree in a sunny spot and importantly, where the soil is properly drained. 

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5. Japanese Maple

Japanese maples come in plenty of color profiles, leaf formations, and bark textures that provide homeowners with just the ideal complement to their landscape design. There is a host of Japanese maple varieties, all with unique characteristics and appearances.  The colors range from green to orange, purple, red, and variegated. 

Most varieties grow to a height of about 10 and 35 feet tall and wide. For the tree to survive and grow to its maximum height, however, it has to be provided with the appropriate amount of light. Too much light could harm the delicate leaves and too little could cause leaf discoloration. 

Tree Service Removal Overview

There you have it; five stunning, drought resistant trees that you can plant in your Dallas property! Whether you are looking for shade, beauty, or to add some privacy to your patio, these trees provide the perfect solution to your landscaping needs. Just remember to give them a little extra care for the first one year or so, so they can solidly establish themselves in their new setting.

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