How To Get Fremont Tree Permit

In Fremont, it is not uncommon for trees to stand in the way of property improvement. For example, a tree could be sitting on a part of your home perfectly suitable for a swimming pool, a new garage, or your new driveway. The only way to proceed with your project is to remove the tree. However, before conducting tree removal, you will need a Fremont tree permit. 

If this is the first time you are handling a tree-related operation, you may not know how to get the permit. While property owners can let Fremont tree service providers handle the permit application, it is always beneficial to have an idea of how the whole process is handled. In this guide, we will take a deeper look at the tree permit application process. 

Applying for a Fremont Tree Permit

The process of applying for a Fremont tree permit takes place online, with property owners being required to fill out a detailed form on Fremont’s official website. Some of the details needed on the form include: 

  • Your name 
  • Contact details – your address, zip, telephone number, and email address 
  • If you have received a courtesy notice, you will include its number
  • The location of the tree – that is, is it near a sidewalk, in your front yard, or somewhere else 
  • Your intention – Do you want to remove, plant, or prune the tree
  • The tree species (if known)
  • Any damage associated with the tree
  • The number of trees involved in your application 
  • The reason you wish to remove the tree 
  • Up to 3 photos of the tree – that is, the whole tree with leaves, the root structure, and trunk structure

Types of Fremont Tree Permits 

To handle different tree services in the Nebraska region, property owners need different tree permits. Below, we will look at the various permits and their requirements: 

1. Street Tree Planting Permit 

When applying for a Fremont tree planting permit, you will need to ensure that: 

  • You are planting a tree as authorized by an approved development plan. 
  • The tree planting complies with the planting standards adopted by the city council. 
  • The species you intend to plant is approved in writing by the city manager or it is allowed on an approved development plan. 

2. Pruning Permit 

When planning to prune a tree, you will need to satisfy the following requirements to get the necessary permit: 

  • For all trees taller than 15 feet, a certified arborist, or someone working under the close supervision of an arborist should conduct the tree pruning. 
  • The pruning has to comply with the current tree pruning guidelines published by ISA (International Society of Arboriculture). 
  • Topping of the trees has to be avoided unless authorized in writing by a city manager based on clear evidence that topping is the only ideal solution. 

In some special circumstances, however, pruning can be conducted by a homeowner without the supervision of an arborist or a permit. Such circumstances include: 

  • When a tree measures less than 15 feet after planting. 
  • When removing low-hanging limbs measuring less than 2 inches in diameter to maintain clearance height of the public’s right-of-way. 

3. Tree Removal Permit 

The requirements for a tree removal permit include: 

  • Your tree is seriously diseased 
  • The tree poses a significant safety risk to property or people 
  • The tree is dying or it is already dead
  • The tree is causing significant damage to utility lines 
  • Tree roots are causing excessive property or concrete damage 
  • The tree is damaged beyond repair
  • The tree is part of an overcrowded group 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

To avoid dealing with lawsuits, you must invest your time in getting a Fremont tree permit before conducting tree-related operations. With the application process taking place online, getting a permit won’t consume much of your time. 

If, however, you are too busy, you can always work with approved California tree service experts. The experts should help you with both permit application and handling the tree maintenance.

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