Stump Removal Near Me

Stump Removal Near Me

After you are done with removing a tree, what is left behind is the sturdy tree stump that once anchored the removed tree in place. In addition to making your property less safe, tree stumps tend to harbor annoying insects. Investing in removing a tree stump will not just make your home more appealing, it will also make it less hazardous to you and your family.
Over the years, we have focused on making ourselves the best stump removal near me service. Armed with all the necessary stump removal equipment, our team is capable of handling both complete stump removal and stump grinding. We do not just focus on stump removals; we also focus on cleanup after the removal – our goal is to leave your landscape better than we found it.

Stump Removal Options

When it comes to getting rid of stumps, 2 options exist. You can grind the stump or remove it completely.

Complete Stump Removal

This involves heaving up the entire tree stump and then digging out the widespread stump roots. This option often takes a lot of time, powerful tools, and a lot of elbow grease to get the job done. The upside of complete stump removal is that it leaves you with a clean slate, open to any new idea you may have for the landscape.

Stump Grinding

This option is less intensive. Grinding involves using a machine to shred the stump down. While grinding is much easier, it usually leaves the tree roots behind.

Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Stump Removals

Turning stump removal into a DIY project is something that most property owners end up regretting. DIY stump removal procedures often generate frustrating results. Chemical use is one of the most popular DIY methods of removing a tree stump. While it works eventually, homeowners are forced to wait for months before the stump rots enough for removal to be possible. If you decide to try removing a tree stump by digging it out manually, you will end up wasting too much of your time. If you happen to make a mistake while digging the stump out, you could hurt yourself.
Professional stump removal near me services make stump removals safer and extremely easy. Professionals will have the right tools and enough experience – this allows them to remove the stump in just a couple of minutes to hours, depending on how big the tree stump is. In addition to making stump removals quick, a professional stump removal near me service will help reduce the chances of underground utility damage. They will know how to remove the stump without touching the utilities installed close to the stump. Stump grinding often produces a lot of mulch. If you were handling the stump removals yourself, you will have to deal with the waste. When working with professionals, however, you won’t have to worry about the cleanup. Any respectable stump removal near me service will have a way to get rid of the waste generated by the stump grinding process – professionals will always leave the compound cleaner than they found it.

Why Hire a Stump Removal Near Me Service?

Tree stumps do take up ground cover and lawn space – they usually prove to be unsightly additions to your well-manicured landscape. On most properties, stumps take up precious yard space that can be used for things like flower beds or even furniture. Property owners who would like an organized, appealing, and clean landscape do prefer to work with stump removal near me service. Stumps often turn into safety hazards. For example, if left close to roads or driveways, they end up being dangerous to those maneuvering their cars or backing out. If the stump gets covered by overgrowth, it becomes a tripping hazard – it can cause tough injuries, especially at night. Hidden stumps can end up damaging your lawn care tools.
Over time, new growths tend to sprout from tree stumps. If you do not want to have these growths on your property, you will have to invest continuously in their removal. Over the years, the cost of continuously removing the new sprouts can really add up. Hiring a stump removal near me service will surely cost you some money. However, spending some cash on removing a tree stump is really worth it. In the long-run, it will help you save thousands of dollars. Hospital bills (these become necessary if the stump removal causes injuries), lawn equipment replacement (if hidden stumps damage your lawn care tools), costs for removing new sprouts, and costs for repairing your vehicle (if the stump is close to the driveway) can all add up to a lot of money – much more than the amount you spend on removing a tree stump.

Reasons to Invest in Stump Removals

Investing in removing a tree stump has a lot of benefits. The main benefits include:

Improved Property Safety

Over time, previously visible stumps get covered by weed, grass, and other overgrowths. This turns the stumps into tripping hazards. When backing your car, hidden stumps can cause serious damage to the vehicle. If ignored, hidden tree stumps can cause serious damage to lawn care tools.

You Open Up Your Property

Stumps take up important space. After getting rid of the stumps, you can use their space to plant flowers or even create an outdoor relaxing space where you and your family can enjoy having nice conversations in the evenings and weekends.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Stumps are never appealing. As weeds, grass, and other plants start growing over the stumps, the whole landscape becomes unsightlier.

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