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Like most property owners, you will probably want to get rid of the tree stump after bringing down a problematic tree. If you fail to invest in the stump removal, you will have to continuously mow around the stump. In addition to making your home unappealing, the tree stumps can be hazardous. There are various ways to get rid of a stump. However, the most efficient and fastest method is to grind the stump away. If you have never invested in stump grinding before, you may not be very familiar with the stump grinding cost. The cost for grinding a stump is not constant – it depends on a wide range of factors, including the number of stumps, the stump size, whether you grind the stump yourself or hire professionals, etc. In this guide, we will take a deeper look at the stump grinding cost. Hopefully, we will help you avoid unpleasant surprises when you finally decide to improve your curb appeal by investing in stump grinding.

How Much Does Stump Grinding Cost?

If you have several stumps on your property, you should expect to spend an average of $100 to $350 on the first stump and $30 to $50 for each additional tree stump. The per diameter inch price ranges between $2 and $3 per inch of the tree stump diameter. If you decide to turn the stump grinding into a DIY project, you should expect to spend an average of $200 to rent the stump grinder for half a day. If you decide to rent the grinder for a full day, expect to spend about $280 to $350. The table below summarizes the average stump grinding cost:
Minimum Stump Grinding Cost $100
Average Range $185 to $415
Maximum Stump Grinding Cost $600
National Average Cost $225
Depending on the situation, hiring a professional can be cheaper than grinding the stumps yourself. For example, if you have to grind several huge tree stumps, working with professionals may be more economical. In addition to having commercial-grade grinders (these will have enough power to handle the grinding), the professionals will have the much-needed experience. When deciding whether to hire professionals or grind the stumps yourself, you will have to consider which option will save you more money.

Stump Grinding Prices

The total stump grinding cost will depend on the diameter of the stumps, the number of stumps, how accessible the stumps are, the stump root system, mulch removal, and the grinding depth. The table below indicates how these factors affect the stump removal cost: When deciding whether to hire professionals or grind the stumps yourself, you will have to consider which option will save you more money.
Factors Average Stump Removal Cost
Mulch Removal $2 to $4 per diameter inch of the tree stump
Root System Removal $135 to $150 per hour
Time $135 to $150 per hour
Diameter Size $2 to $3 per inch
Number of Stumps $160 for the initial stump + $40 for each additional stump

Cost Per Stump

Grinding average-sized tree stumps costs $150 per stump. If you have numerous stumps on your property, you may have to pay $100 to $350 for the initial stump and then an additional $30 to $50 for every additional tree stump. If you are clearing a piece of land featuring numerous tree stumps, most stump removal professionals will charge on a per hour basis. Each hour will cost you $135 to $150.

Prices by Diameter

In terms of stump diameter, the stump grinding cost ranges between $1 to $5 per diameter inch. On average, this is $2 to $3 per inch. The work needed to grind down the tree stump increases as the stump diameter increases. Some stump removal companies usually charge a flat stump grinding cost if you have numerous tree stumps. When working with such companies, you can estimate the total stump grinding cost by measuring the diameter of each tree stump, adding up the diameters and then multiplying the number of inches by $2 or $3. For instance, if you have 5 stumps with an average diameter of 10 inches, you will have 50 inches to grind for an average cost of $100 to $150.

Measuring the Stump Diameter

To get the stump diameter right, you will need to measure it at the widest point at ground level, not at the top. Measure from one side of the stump to the other as close as possible to the ground.

Stump Grinding Cost Factors

The stump grinding cost will vary depending on a number of factors. Below, we have outlined the main factors affecting this cost:

1. Mulch Removal

On average, mulch removal will cost you between $2 and $4 per diameter inch. However, most stump grinding professionals do include the mulch removal cost in the quote. Removing the grindings from diseased plants is always a great idea – this can help keep diseases from spreading. If the grindings are from healthy trees, you can keep them around and use them as a soil additive. It is still possible to use the infected chips above the soil level. However, you have to ensure that they are at least 2 feet away from your home’s foundation and 6 inches from the tree trunk base. If you had treated the stump using herbicides before the grinding, you can burn the grindings.

2. Soil condition

If the soil around the tree stump is rocky, it can break the grinder’s blades. Due to this possible damage and the extra effort needed to ensure that the grinder stays in ideal form, the stump grinding cost for stumps located in rocky areas will be higher.

3. Type and Age

Compared to softwood trees, hardwood trees take longer to grind. They may also require a grinder featuring bigger or more powerful blades. If the stump belongs to a tree that was cut down recently, it may be harder to remove. Older stumps have already undergone some rotting – this can make them easier to remove.

4. Travel Distance and Minimum Charge

To cover the travel cost and the cost of loading and unloading their equipment, most companies do charge a minimum fee. The minimum charge usually ranges between $50 and $100.

5. Stump Accessibility

If you have a sloped or narrow sidewalk, getting the grinder to the stump may require more effort. Similarly, if the stump is surrounded by other trees or a wall, its accessibility may be limited. If the stump features poor accessibility, expect to pay a higher stump grinding cost.

6. Grinding Depth

The basic charge is usually for the average depth of 6 inches. If you need the grinding to go deeper, you will have to pay more money. Going deeper is a good idea when you are dealing with trees whose stumps can start growing again. Examples of such trees include willow, poplar, and cherry.

7. Root System

The average cost is usually for just grinding the visible roots. To remove the root ball, you will have to spend extra money.

8. Project Completion Time

Some stump removal companies will charge you on a per hour basis. As noted earlier, the average cost is usually $150 per hour. This arrangement is usually ideal if you have to remove numerous stumps on the same piece of land.

9. Number of Tree Stumps

It is not uncommon for companies to base their stump grinding cost on the number of stumps. When priced on a per stump basis, the stump grinding cost will increase as the number of stumps increases.

What is Included in the Stump Grinding Cost?

The stump grinding cost generally includes the following:
  • The cost of transporting the necessary machines (including the grinder) to and from your property.
  • The cost of transporting the professionals.
  • The cost of preparing the site for stump removal – this may involve protecting the existing structures to ensure that they do not suffer damage during the stump removal.
  • The labor cost as well as any additional overheads the company may have, including, the cost of vehicle maintenance, operating the company location, etc.

What is Not Included in the Quoted Stump Grinding Cost

There are some additional costs that may not be included in the quoted cost. These include:
  • The general contractor overseeing the project – if this cost is not included, approximately 12.1 – 19.3% may be added to the total cost.
  • Sales tax
  • Inspection and permit fees

Grinder Rental Cost

If you have some stump grinding experience and some few hours to spare, you can rent a stump grinder and grind the stumps yourself. The cost of renting a grinder from Home Depot is as indicated below:
Rental Time Rental Cost
4 Hours $190 to $220
Daily $280 to $310
Weekly $840 to $930
Monthly $2,090 to $2,320
Note: To the price quoted above, you may need to add $69 for the delivery – this will include a trailer if you happen to rent for a minimum of 1 day. It is worth noting that rental stump grinders are used by numerous people. This means that they may not be in the best condition. Their lack of good blades could make the whole project unnecessarily longer.

Stump Grinding Process

If you would like to grind stumps yourself, the following steps may come in handy:

Step 1: Make Sure the Stump is Not Sitting Near Any Utilities

To make the whole grinding process smooth, check with the utility companies to make sure that the stump is not sitting on or close to electric lines, water, or gas. If any utilities do exist nearby, the companies should come out and mark them for you.

Step 2: Set Up a Shield

The purpose of the shield is to protect the surrounding landscape and your house from root pieces, wood chips, and ejected rocks.

Step 3: Rent a Stump Grinder

It is a good idea to rent the grinder for the day – sometimes, the job can take longer than expected. As noted earlier, you will have to pay an average of $280 to $350 to rent the grinder for a day.

Step 4: Grinding and Cleanup

Once you get the grinder, the next thing you will need to do is focus on grinding the stump to your preferred depth. Once you are done, you will have to deal with the mulch and wood chips.

Reasons Not to Turn Stump Grinding into a DIY Project

Renting a stump grinder and grinding the stumps yourself may not always be the best option. This is because of the following reasons:

Stump Grinding Can Be Hazardous

In addition to being labor-intensive, stump grinding can be dangerous. In extreme cases, grinders have been known to injure and even kill contractors. This tells you that the grinding may pose a significant medical risk for someone who is not experienced.

You Have to Deal with the Removal and Cleanup

If you are lucky enough to complete the stump grinding, you will have a lot of soil debris and fragments – these could measure up to a car’s height. Dealing with all this waste material can give you a headache.

You Are Liable for the Grinder’s Repairs

If you rent a grinder, you have to return it in an ideal condition. If a tooth breaks, for example, you will be liable for the repair. Stump grinder repairs can be extremely expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take to Grind One Tree Stump?

Depending on how big the stump is, the grinding depth, and the equipment capability, the grinding can take as little as a couple of minutes to as many as 7 hours. What one machine can do in 10 minutes can take smaller machine hours to do. Older and rotting tree stumps usually grind down more quickly compared to the young wood – if the stump is old, you should expect its grinding to take lesser time. Note:If you are being charged on a per hour basis, evaluate all factors which may affect the project time and ensure that the project will take as little time as possible.

How do Stump Grinders Work?

Stump grinders feature a rotating cutting disc that chips away at the tree stump. The disc eats the stump down to a depth of 6 to 12 inches below the topsoil. The ground chips can be used as much elsewhere on your property. Alternatively, you can mix the waste with soil in preparation for grass planting. If you have no use for the mulch, you can get it removed for an additional fee. After grinding, root removal is often unnecessary. Once the remaining stump gets buried, both the roots and the stump rot on their own. If, however, you are concerned about new growth, you can consider cutting through the roots around the base of the stump.

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