Best Fruit Trees For Los Angeles

In just two centuries, Los Angeles has gone from a tiny pueblo to one of the most populated cities in the whole world. With over 140 different nationalities today, LA residents are exposed to a variety of cultures, languages, foods, and of course fruit. Fruit trees Los Angeles are usually very tasty, refreshing, and full of vitamins and nutrients. Thanks to the relentless sun and low chill hours, people can grow all kinds of fruit trees in the city.

We will talk about the best fruit trees for Los Angeles in this article. Read on to find out more!

Fruit Trees Los Angeles – Best Options

1. Cherimoya

Cherimoya is a heart-shaped fruit, with outer ridges that are usually referred to as “nipples”. The fruit originates from Mexico but is very popular across Central and South America. Its cousin, soursop, is also quite common in the area. Most people compare its taste to pear, banana, mango, and pineapple due to its slightly grainy pudding texture. It is pretty delicious, sweet, and a bit tangy. Cherimoya is very high in thiamine, phosphorus, and niacin. Additionally, it boosts eye health, immunity, and mood. 

When planted in the ground, this fruit can grow to about 30 feet in height. It doesn’t always love blistering dry heat, so partial sun will do just fine. Similarly to most fruit trees in Los Angeles, this tree is also drought-tolerant but prefers well-draining, moist soil. 

2. Jaboticaba

Jaboticaba is a Brazilian subtropical evergreen that produces dark fruit very similar to grapes. The fruit grows along the trunk of the tree and gives it a very unique look. It has a very sweet and juicy grape interior and slightly bitter outer skin. Even though the most nutritional value is in its chewy exterior, people usually pinch the skin and suck out the delicious middle part. This fruit tree is high in antioxidants, especially anthocyanins. It helps with diabetes, inflammation, and obesity.

At maturity, this tree will grow to about 15 feet. Tree services California report that the tree is much larger in Brazil, but the quality of fruit is almost the same. Full sun exposure, moist soil, and regular irrigation are a must. Without a doubt, Jaboticaba is one of the best fruit trees for Los Angeles due to its nutritional value. 

3. Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is a very tasty fruit that grows on a climbing cactus. Many different cultivars of this fruit grow successfully in Central and South America. It usually grows up on walls and fences, so it is always a great addition to a landscape. Its flower lasts only one night after blooming. Interestingly, after just one night, the fruit produces one of the most incredible fruits in terms of looks and taste. 

This fruit is a great source of magnesium and fiber. Therefore, it boosts immunity and promotes gut health. Besides, a high concentration of iron and vitamin C are the reasons why this is one of the best fruit trees for Los Angeles. 

4. Jujube

Jujube is a deciduous fruit, native to China but very well adapted to the climate in Los Angeles. At first, it appears as a small apple fruit with a very similar texture and taste. As it matures, it turns into a chewy and spongy fruit very similar to a date. The fruit is known for its use against gastrointestinal problems such as constipation and bloating. Tree Service Los Angeles companies recommend it cause it has calming effects on the nervous system too. Also, Jujubes are the hardiest fruit trees on this list and can grow pretty well in both the ground and a pot. 

Once it hits maturity, the Jujube tree can grow to about 40 feet in height. It enjoys the hot sun and is adaptable to most soils. Additionally, the tree is drought-tolerant, but it can be helpful to give it some sufficient water during fruiting and flowering. 

5. Pakistan Mulberry 

Pakistan Mulberry is a semi-deciduous tree that’s sweeter and longer than its cousins in the area. It is perfectly adapted to the climate in Los Angeles, which is why it tends to thrive more than other varieties. Unlike raspberries and blackberries, mulberry trees can grow quite graceful and large with big beautiful branches and leaves. Most people believe that this is the tastiest blackberry out there. This fruit boasts anti-aging properties and is very beneficial for the digestive tract, vision, and blood circulation. 

This tree prefers part shade to full sun exposure. Besides, moist soil will do the best since the tree is self-fertile. Poor soils are still tolerated because the tree is quite hardy, just make sure that the soil drains well. Both ground and pot plantings grow pretty successfully. 

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Q: Where can I buy fruit trees in Los Angeles?

A: You can buy fruit trees at your local nursery in Los Angeles. Of course, you can also go to a reseller, but we recommend buying fruit trees from nurseries to make sure they are 100% healthy. Consult with your local arborist what nursery would be the best one for you.

Q: Where can I buy trees in Los Angeles?

A: The best places to buy trees in Los Angeles are your local wholesale growers. These supply most retail outlets too, so you can visit these and have your trees there. The best thing you can do is to visit your local nursery and check for the types of trees they have to offer. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview

There are a few things in common for most fruit trees Los Angeles – high nutritional value, great looks, and easy maintenance. These trees usually require only enough sunlight exposure and somewhat regular irrigation. In exchange, they will provide you with some of the tastiest fruits you will ever taste. We recommend consulting with your local arborist about the maintenance and proper care of your newly planted fruit trees. Keep planting and taking care of your trees!

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