Best Small Ornamental Trees For San Antonio

Color is something that defines small trees for San Antonio. We use large trees for shade and small ornamental trees for adding aesthetically pleasing colors to our gardens. In addition, flowers on these trees can be quite stunning. Just imagine a texas redbud in early spring and think of that beautiful sight for a second. 

In this article, we will be talking about small ornamental trees for San Antonio and what type would be the best for you and your garden! 

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Small Trees for San Antonio – Common, Beautiful Types 

1. Texas Redbud

Texas Redbud prefers thin, well-drained soils and is considered as one of the most beautiful small ornamental trees for San Antonio. It has leathery, thick, leaves with wavy margins. Also, it is drought tolerant and the waxy upper surface of the leaves helps delay transpiration. In most cases, Texas Redbud is multi-trunked and prefers sun to partial-sun. You may notice that a lot of tree services Texas recommend planting this tree if your goal is to achieve aesthetically pleasing landscape. 

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2. Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is usually used in landscaping. It is a drought-tolerant tree with grape scented bluish-purple and white clusters. The tree can do pretty well even without irrigation, but it is proven that it grows a lot faster with occasional watering and good soil. One downside to mountain laurel is that it develops very slowly, but this is normal for the Texas climate. You can successfully grow it even in a large container and it will grow up to 15 feet in height. 

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3. Anacacho Orchid 

Anacacho orchid is a beautiful, multi-trunked, tuff tree or a shrub, depending on how you trim it. It has small orchid-like flowers in spring. They usually start showing in early April. This tree has very fragrant flowers that may re-bloom during summer after rain, but these flowers are not the same as the ones in spring. Anacacho orchid prefers full sun and does not perform very well in light, deep, organic soil, and is known for being resistant to San Antonio pests. Just make sure it has a well-draining soil that’s not constantly wet. 

4. Crepe Myrtle

The main advantage of crepe myrtle is that it comes in many different colors – white, pink, lavender, and red. This tree usually blooms in early summer, but in cases of severe drought, it may not bloom until fall and heavy rains. Crepe myrtle is one of the small trees for San Antonio used for landscaping gardens and yards. It can be planted as an individual specimen or in a row, but they usually look the best when they are not crowded together. This tree is considered as one of the best trees to plant in San Antonio

5. American Smoke Tree

American smoke tree is a deciduous small tree or a shrub known for its unique fall foliage, decorative bark, and flower plumes. The small and insignificant flowers are borne in clusters in late spring. The plant is then covered in long, smoky pink hair-like petioles that cover the plant with fluffy puffs during summer. American smoke tree prefers full soon, and well-drained soil. Almost every tree service San Antonio company recommends this tree if you have landscaping on your mind. 

6. Yaupon Holly 

Yaupon holly is a small deciduous tree with colorful berries on female plants. These berries can be yellow, orange, but are most commonly red. Of course, yaupon holly attracts a lot of wildlife and birds thanks to their berries. It is considered as a perfect choice for topiary due to its small leaves and fast growth rate. Keep in mind that yaupon holly can grow up to 25 feet in height, so think about the spot where you want to plant it before you do it. 


Q: What is a Good Dwarf Tree?

A: Almost all small ornamental trees for San Antonio are considered good and it usually doesn’t matter which one you choose. Just make sure to check what type of soil and how much sun a specific dwarf tree prefers. Also, good dwarf trees usually have a big aesthetic impact on the landscape. 

Q: What is a Small Ornamental Tree? 

A: A small ornamental tree in San Antonio is usually used purely for aesthetic purposes. These usually have bright and vibrant colors that will certainly grab the viewer’s attention. Small ornamental trees usually don’t require too much attention and prefer full sun and well-draining soils. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

You can’t go wrong with any of the small trees for San Antonio on this list. Whichever tree you decide to plant, you can be sure that it will grow in a beautiful, colorful tree that will enhance your landscape. However, don’t hesitate to consult with your local tree service to get advice on the type of tree you decide to plant. Refer to this article once you find the perfect spot!

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