10 Fast Growing Trees In Arizona

Planting fast growing trees in Arizona is usually motivated to increase the value of the property, but also to provide shade in just a couple of seasons. It is only natural that one wants a little shade when the only climate you have is the one that the desert gives you. In addition, it is also natural that you would want to have this shade as soon as possible, so we will be talking about the trees that do exactly this. 

Keep reading to learn more about Arizona fast growing trees and their characteristics!

Fast Growing Trees in Arizona 

We will mention 10 fast growing trees in Arizona in this article. All of them have different colors of blooms and shapes. In addition, they are adjusted to growing in the climate and soil conditions in Arizona without any problems. Still, keep in mind that we recommend consulting with your local tree service Arizona when deciding which tree to plant!

1. Sissoo 

The Sisso is also known as the Indian Rosewood in some areas of the state. It is one of the most common Arizona fast growing trees and can make shade in your yard in just a couple of seasons. Usually, they will grow to about 60 feet in height and spread out wide enough to offer just the right amount of shade to your property. 

2. Tipu

The Tipu tree is one of the favorite trees among Arizona residents. It grows very fast to its mature height of 50 feet, and this is probably the main reason why you can see it all over the state. In addition to this, this tree also has very beautiful flowers and will be a great addition to both commercial and residential landscapes. 

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3. Museum Palo Verde

The Museu palo verde is another fast growing tree on this list that is very popular among the residents. It provides great shade and will serve as a great addition to almost any type of landscape. Tree service Arizona companies consider it a drought-tolerant tree and it prefers being exposed to full sun. Its maximum height is about 25 feet and it will reach it very quickly.

4. Arizona Ash

The Arizona ash tree is a medium-sized tree, growing to about 30 feet in height and almost the same in width. In addition, it will reach the desired height in just a couple of years, and considering that it is deciduous, it will keep its leaves throughout the whole year. This is extremely beneficial for the hot climate in Arizona since you will have shade throughout the whole year. 

5. Weeping Willow 

The Weeping willow is known for its unique foliage and shape that gives it a look as if the tree is streaming down. It is also known as the Willow acacia in some nurseries, so keep that in mind. At maturity, this tree will grow to about 40 feet in height and will do so much quicker than some other varieties. 

6. African Sumac

The African sumac is one of the largest trees on this list, growing up to about 80 feet at maturity. Among gardeners, it is also known as the Mondell pine, so you can search for both of these names in your local nursery. The tree provides a lot of shade, is tolerant of drought, and grows very quickly. 

7. Bonita Ash

The Bonita ash is one of Arizona fast growing trees that grow in a wide and rounded shape. Their thick canopies provide great shade and the tree thrives in full sun exposure. At maturity, these trees grow to about 30 feet in height and width, making them great for almost any spot in your yard or landscape. 

8. Desert Willow

Landscapers, homeowners, and cities across Arizona simply love Desert Willow. It is among the most popular trees for any type of landscape as it grows to about 20 feet in height but still provides more than enough shade. In addition, it grows very fast and is characterized by its beautiful lavender or pink flowers. 

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9. Elm

You can find Elm trees almost anywhere you go in Arizona. Its mature height is about 100 feet, which is a lot, even for big landscapes. It is considered to be a very hardy tree, withstanding full sun exposure, drought, and wind. Still, it needs to be protected in case of flooding, but that’s very rare in Arizona. 

10. Shamel Ash

The Shamel Ash is known for being the fastest growing ash tree in North America. It requires very little pruning and maintenance but is very thankful due to its wide canopy that provides a lot of shade. In addition, it enjoys full sun exposure and can withstand droughts without any problems. 


Q: What trees grow well in Arizona?

A: Palo Verdes and native Mesquites are the varieties that grow very well in Arizona. In addition, many tall indigenous trees, like oak, pistachio, elm, and ash also thrive without major problems in the area. Arizona is also known for having a lot of pine trees. 

Q: What kind of trees grow the fastest?

A: The fastest growing trees in Arizona are Shamel Ash, Tipu, and Sissoo. These trees will develop and establish their root systems very quickly after planting and you will have a beautiful shade in just a couple of seasons if they’re planted in the right conditions. 

Q: What trees grow well in the desert?

A: Some of the best desert trees in Arizona are Mesquite trees, desert willows, and certain types of acacia trees. Also, some varieties of oaks and elms can do quite well in the desert and drought. These trees usually provide bright colors when they flower and lush foliage. 

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Local Tree Experts Overview

Fast growing trees in Arizona usually have similar characteristics – they are drought tolerant, can provide a lot of shade, and require very little to no maintenance. Still, we recommend consulting with your local arborist if you’re thinking about planting this type of tree in your landscape!

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