10 Best Shade Trees For Phoenix

With the best shade trees for Phoenix, you can elevate both the form and function of your private landscape. While they are common in forests and parks, you can also plant shade trees on your property. From improving overall air quality to providing temporary wildlife shelter, shade trees are beneficial in more ways than one. 

While there are many options for Phoenix shade trees, not all of them are good. From their size to care requirements, consider different things. If you need help deciding, read on, and learn from the insights we’ll share. 

Our Top Picks for the Best Shade Trees for Phoenix 

Get ready to transform your yard! Here are some of the top shade trees to plant! 

1. Desert Willow 

One of the favorites amongst experts in tree service Arizona, the desert willow is a great addition to any landscape. Growing at 15 to 40 feet, this is perfect even in compact spaces. The spreading crown can grow up to 25 feet, but a lot are smaller. It has several trunks, resulting in an attractive silhouette. It also has thin and drooping leaves with willowy softness. More so, it is popular because of its fragrant and trumpet-like flowers, which bloom from spring to fall.  

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2. Velvet Mesquite 

A small to medium shade tree, it is popular for its drought tolerance, making it a great option if you are looking for water-wise plants. This slow-growing tree reaches a maximum height of 50 feet. It thrives well whether there is a partial shade or full sun. It needs well-draining soil to survive. Mistletoe and giant mesquite bugs are common pests you should watch out for as they can cause serious cosmetic damages. 

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3. Arizona Ash 

If you are looking for fast-growing trees in Arizona, you cannot go wrong with Arizona ash. The height and width of the tree can reach up to 45 feet depending on the environmental conditions. The tree does not shed leaves, so it can provide comfortable shade throughout the year. It has dark-green leaves that grow in clusters, resulting in a dense canopy. While it is drought-resistant, during extremely hot weather, deep irrigation is essential for survival.

4. Palo Verde

Known as the official tree of Arizona, it is unsurprising that Palo Verde makes it to our list of the best Phoenix shade trees. It is a green and multi-trunked deciduous tree that provides plenty of shade. With a height of only 20 to 40 feet, it is an ideal option for limited spaces. Aside from its shade, it is also well-loved because of its yellow blooms with five petals, providing the tree a distinct look. 

5. African Sumac 

A medium-sized evergreen, the African sumac has an average height of 20 to 30 feet. It has a dense and graceful canopy, making it another great option for a shade tree to grow in Phoenix. As a moderate grower, the tree adds at least 24 inches in its height every year. The fine-textured foliage gives the tree a distinct appearance. It grows yellow-green flowers in late winter and grows fruits that attract birds. 

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6. Southern Live Oak 

With a height of up to 80 feet and width of up to 100 feet, Southern live oak requires a large space. It has sweeping limbs to provide exceptional shade in large properties. Some trees can grow large enough and occupy up to half of a football field! As an incredibly strong tree, it can survive hundreds of years. It has vibrant green leaves throughout the year. The tree produces sweet and tapered acorns, which are common food for squirrels, birds, and deer, among others.

7. Aleppo Pine 

Because of their massive size, it is more common to see an Aleppo pine in parks instead of backyards. Nonetheless, if you have the luxury of space in the garden, then this makes a great addition to your property. The height reaches up to 60 feet while it can grow as wide as 40 feet. This Mediterranean tree has an irregular shape, so tree trimming Phoenix is a must to keep it compact. Removing conifer candles is also a great way to manage their size. 

8. Chinese Pistache

While it does not have showy flowers, the Chinese pistache is a great option if you are looking for an ornamental tree. It has dark-green foliage, which changes into red and orange come fall. It is drought-tolerant and grows in different types of soil. If you are planning to grow Chinese pistache, make sure to choose a place that receives up to six hours of direct light daily. Water frequently during its first few weeks. When pruning, do it early in the year to keep its umbrella shape. 

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9. Sissoo

This landscape tree grows up to 60-foot tall and 40-foot wide. It has light-green leaves that sweep when it is windy, reminiscent of aspens. Commercially, sissoo is grown for its lumber. More than its economic significance, it is also a great way to elevate your landscape, provided that you have generous space available. It can grow whether in full sun or partial shade and it needs well-draining soil. It is prone to iron chlorosis or yellowing leaves, which is a result of the lack of alkaline in the soil. An easy solution is to use fertilizers with magnesium sulfate and iron chelate. 

10. Palo Brea 

For small gardens, this is a good shade tree to plant in Phoenix. The canopy is not as dense as the other trees on our list. But it is thick enough to provide shade and filter sunlight. This drought-tolerant tree grows a bright and spreading crown, which can have a width of up to 25 feet. It has beautiful interwoven branches, providing the tree with a unique character. The brilliant yellow flowers with orange dots are equally beautiful! 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

The best shade trees for Phoenix will make a great addition to any property. They will not only increase your home’s market value, but they will also filter light, provide temporary wildlife habitat, and clean the air, among its many benefits.

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