6 Best Fruit Trees For Arizona

Almost any type of fruit can grow in Arizona, depending on the temperature hardiness and chill hour requirements. We recommend varieties with less than 400 chill hours for fruit trees Arizona. Still, with proper care and maintenance, you can grow almost any type of fruit you’d like. Stick to the same watering schedule and take care of your Arizona trees to get the best results.

Keep reading to find out more about fruits grown in Arizona and the reasons why they are suitable for the climate in the state!

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Fruit Trees Arizona – Best Choices

1. Peaches

There are many different peach varieties that grow very well in the Arizona climate. Some of the most popular peach fruit trees Arizona include Tropic Sweet, Desert Red, Flordagrande, Flordaprince, Bonanza, Earligrande, and Desert Gold. In addition, there are a few white flesh varieties like Tropic Snow and Babcock. 

All of these varieties are in the 100-300 chill hours spectrum and are known for their delicious fruit. One of the most common is Flordaprince, it produces large peaches that ripen earlier than others. 

2. Plums

Some plum fruits grown in Arizona successfully are Beauty, Gulf Ruby, Gulf Gold, Satsuma, and Santa Rosa. All of these are in the 200-300 chill hours spectrum, making them ideal for the climate in the area, according to tree services Arizona

The most popular one is definitely Santa Rosa. You can find this plum tree almost everywhere you go in Arizona. It produces very sweet plums that are a favorite among birds. 

3. Apricots 

The best apricot varieties for Arizona are Gold Kist and Katy due to their chill hour requirement which is about 200-300. Like other fruits grown in Arizona, these are delicious and provide a lot of nutrients to the consumer. Most nurseries in Arizona sell the Royal apricot, but we recommend going for one of the two mentioned above.  

Apricots have a wide range of use. They can be eaten fresh, dried, and some people even make jams out of them. 

4. Apples

Apples usually do better in very cold climates. However, there are varieties that will do better in the desert heat and this is the reason why we recommend planting this healthy fruit. The most popular varieties are Pettingill, Ein Shemer, Dorsett Golden, Beverly Hills, and Anna. 

Most gardeners already have experience with growing Anna and Dorsett Golden since they are really common in the area. They both grow very well in the Arizona climate and soils and produce delicious fruit. In addition, they are considered to be fast growing trees in Arizona, so that’s another plus. 

5. Fig

Figs are one of the healthiest fruit you can get in the desert climate. The most common varieties are Kadota, Brown Turkey, and Black Mission. All of these require only about 100 chill hours to thrive, and that’s something you can definitely provide in Arizona. 

Another good thing about this fruit is that it can live for decades and still produce fruit each year. Tree service Arizona companies have reported that even some 30-year-old trees are still producing sweet and juicy green figs that are excellent for jam. A Black Mission variety is also very popular among gardeners due to its great looks. 

6. Citrus

Citrus fruit trees are always a very popular choice for places with a hot climate. This is why it is probably one of the most popular fruits grown in the state. These trees don’t require any chill hours in order to produce fruit. In fact, they are susceptible to cold weather, but this can easily be dealt with proper care. 

Some of the hardier citrus varieties are tangelos, mandarins, grapefruit, and oranges. On the other hand, citron, lime, and lemon varieties are more susceptible to cold weather, but you should be able to protect them if you consult with your local arborist about it.



Q: What kind of fruit trees grow in Arizona?

A: Fruit that grows in Arizona requires low chill hours. These fruit trees are usually susceptible to prolonged exposure to cold weather, so it is usually recommended to keep them protected from winds and winter in general. Still, they produce healthy fruit with proper care and regular maintenance. 

Q: What fruit trees grow well in the desert?

A: Some of the most common fruit trees that grow in the Arizona desert are citrus trees, peaches, apricots, and plums. They all share similar characteristics in terms of chill hours requirements. In addition, these fruit trees are very healthy and nutritious. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

Fruit trees Arizona are very unique in terms of what they offer and what they require. Most of them can withstand at least some exposure to winter, but it is usually recommended to keep them protected. Additionally, these trees will produce healthy and refreshing fruit for you and your family to enjoy during the hot summer months!

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