5 Best Trees To Plant In Pearland

Gardeners in Pearland sometimes have difficulties with planting trees due to atmospheric conditions and specific soil in the area. However, the number of available trees for Pearland is still high and there are a number of tree species that can succeed here without any problems. We provide a selection of best trees to plant in Pearland that are proven to thrive and flourish in the area quite well. 

Keep reading to find out more about Pearland trees, their characteristics, and maintenance!

Best Trees to Plant in Pearland – Common Varieties 

1. Live Oak

Live oak is a large, picturesque, sprawling tree usually graced with Spanish moss. It is one of the broadest spreaders among oaks that provide large areas of deep shade. The tree usually has a lot of sinuously curved branches and trunks that make an impressive sight for a landscape. Consult with a local tree service Pearland to determine the planting spot if you opt for a live oak on your planting site.

It can grow up to 100 feet in height at maturity. This tree is very resistant to wind and its resulting damage once established. Without a doubt, live oak is one of the best trees to plant in Pearland if you provide optimal conditions. 

2. Shumard’s Oak

Shumard’s oak is successfully grown in urban areas where poor drainage, air pollution, drought, and compacted soil are common. This type of oak tolerates a broader range of soil moisture than other oak varieties, and its more southern distribution provides stock better suited for the area. 

This medium-sized, deciduous tree can grow up to 60 feet tall in urban areas and 100 feet in the wild. It is pyramidal while young but spreads to a broad open crown as it ages. Shumard’s oak is one of the trees for Pearland that prefer full sun exposure to thrive.  

3. Darlington Oak

Darlington oak is a deciduous, evergreen, native oak tree that is characterized by a fast growth rate. It is usually found in sandhills, dry hammocks, and sandy soils in general in nature. Tree services Texas prefer to use this one as a street tree or to create a good shade in a landscape. 

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It can grow up to 60 feet or more if you can provide dry, sandy soil and full sun exposure. The foliage generally stays on the tree until new leaves start forming in the spring. This tree attracts wildlife, so it is great for use in naturalized areas. 

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4. Drummond’s Maple

Drummond’s maple is one of the trees for Pearland used for its ornamental features. It is a showy, attractive tree with decorative, female samaras and red male flowers in spring and conspicuous fall color. Leaves are eaten by deer and its seeds are consumed by a variety of squirrels and birds. The tree is not very tolerant of drought but can withstand hot summers in Texas. 

It grows up to 100 feet in height in optimal conditions and prefers full sun exposure. It prefers moist, wet, sandy loams and clay loams. 

5. Nuttall Oak

Nuttall oak is probably the most well-adapted oak tree for landscape use. It is considered a fast grower and develops a good branching structure in just a few months. It tolerates moderate drought but prefers wet soil to thrive. Pests and diseases usually don’t attack Nuttall oaks, unlike many other oak varieties. All of this makes Nuttall oak a great option for an urban area. 

The tree can grow up to 60 feet in height and 50 feet wide at maturity. Ideally, full sun exposure will work the best for Nuttall oak, but part shade is also fine. Loamy, acidic soil is preferred for healthy development.


Q: Which trees can be planted close to houses?

A: American hornbeam is ideal for planting close to houses in Pearland. The tree is not very tall and develops a root system that won’t damage the foundation of your house. In addition, its branches won’t damage the façade or windows on your house. 

Q: What is the fastest growing tree you can plant?

A: Drummond maple tree is the fastest growing tree you can plant in Pearland. This native tree provides fairly heavy shade and its autumn leaves are a great ornamental addition to your landscape. It likes full sun exposure and acidic, moist soils. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

Even though atmospheric conditions and soil are not optimal for all types of trees in Pearland, there are many different varieties that are successfully grown in the area. Once you find a planting spot, refer to this article to check the best trees to plant in Pearland and make your decision. Don’t hesitate to consult with your local arborist to get help with planting, maintaining, and taking care of your newly planted trees.

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