Best Evergreen Trees For Texas

The hot weather in Texas can be tough on some trees. However, some drought-tolerant evergreen trees Texas can be grown without any problems. In addition, it is always recommended to plant them since they reduce energy costs and improve the value of our homes. In this article, we will be talking about Texas evergreen trees, their characteristics, and requirements.

Bear in mind that we always recommend consulting with your local arborist when deciding what tree to plant. Keep reading to find out more about evergreens that are well suited for Texas! 

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Evergreen Trees Texas – Best Choices

1. Live Oak

Live oak is probably the first tree that comes to your mind when discussing magnificent Texas shade trees. Its ability to provide consistent shade, longevity and effectiveness in supplying year-round screening are the reasons why Live oaks are so popular in the area. This stately evergreen has a broad canopy that will provide just the right amount of shade to help reduce temperatures inside your home and in your yard. 

At maturity, live oak can grow up to 80 feet in height. Full sun exposure and regular irrigation are needed for establishing the root system. It is adaptable to different types of soil, but it prefers acidic, alkaline, and well-drained soils. Most tree services Texas consider Live oak to be the best option when it comes to planting evergreen trees in the state.

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2. Monterrey Oak

Monterrey oak is one of the most drought-tolerant trees for the area. This evergreen grows quite fast and has exotic green foliage with a spreading canopy. Similar to other evergreen trees Texas, Monterrey oak makes a lot of shade and is able to cool down the temperature at your home. This Texas native is always a great choice for screening or windbreaks. 

Once it hits maturity, Monterrey oak can grow up to 80 feet in height. A minimum of six hours of direct sunlight is recommended for healthy development. In addition, it is resistant to most tree diseases Texas and occasional drought. 

3. Camphor

Camphor is a drought-tolerant evergreen that features a broad, rounded canopy able to create plenty of shade. This natural beauty usually thrives in humid areas, so it is considered to be one of the best shade trees for Houston area by almost every tree service Texas. It is characterized by fragrant yellow flowers that bloom profusely in late spring. In addition, it got very popular since its leaves are used for aromatherapy benefits. Usually, these are planted in rows to create windbreaks. 

Some Camphor varieties can grow up to 100 feet in height in the optimal environment. Full sun exposure is preferred along with well-drained, alkaline soil. Camphor is one of those Texas evergreen trees that are able to provide enough shade, longevity, adaptability to different soils, and beautiful looks. 

4. Water Oak


Water oak is an evergreen often used in the Texas landscape due to its fast growth rate. Owners report that its shiny, dark green leaves and broad-spreading canopy are the main reasons why they decided to opt for this beautiful tree. These characteristics add curb appeal and increase the visual interest in the tree. In addition, it can provide a lot of shade and cool down your home. Mature trees tolerate flooding, so this tree is commonly used along parks, sidewalks, and urban areas in general. 

This evergreen can grow up to 80 feet in height at maturity. Full sun exposure and acidic, well-drained soil are preferred for healthy development. Water oak is a favorite among Texas evergreen trees. 

5. Bottlebrush

A bottlebrush is a great option if you’re interested in beautiful flowering trees. This evergreen is named Bottlebrush due to its significant resemblance to a bottle brush when it blooms. The flowers last throughout the whole summer season and are in shades of crimson and red. Keep in mind that hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to the flowers, so prepare to enjoy the scenery. 

Bottlebrush tree can grow about 15 feet in height at maturity. Full sun and loamy, moist, well-draining soil are needed for regular development.

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Do evergreen trees grow in Texas?

Drought-tolerant evergreen trees are normally grown in Texas. They are usually used as shade trees, for windbreaks, or for screening. The most important part when picking an evergreen is to keep in mind that the specie you’re planting is adaptable to the specific soil and drought in Texas.

Local Tree Experts Overview

Once you’re ready to plant your new evergreen, refer to this article and pick one of these evergreen trees Texas and you won’t make a mistake. Make sure that the tree you’re picking can adapt to the type of soil in your yard and that you can provide all the necessaries for it. Consult with your local arborist about maintenance and care for the tree you choose.

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