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Portland welcomes spring in the most colorful way – with the blooms of cherry blossoms. From March to April, the city is bursting with white and pink flowers. From runners to photography enthusiasts to tourists, timing is essential when seeing cherry blossoms in the city. They bloom and fade quickly, so you need to be quick! 

If you are looking for the best places to see cherry blossoms Portland, read on! We’ll list down some of the top locations to check out come spring! 

Our Favorite Locations to Spot Cherry Blossoms Portland 

Get your cameras ready! Prepare for a visual feast. Below are some of the best places recommended by providers of tree services Oregon to check out for a stunning display of Portland cherry blossoms. 

1. Tom McGall Waterfront Park 

This 23-acre park is home to some of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in the city. It is home to 100 Akebono trees, which have been donated by the Japanese Grain Importers Association in 1990. You can see these trees at the park’s northern end, specifically at the Japanese American Historical Plaza. The latter is a memorial dedicated to over 120,000 individuals who have lost their lives in World War II. 

Location: 98 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon 

2. Mt. Tabor Park 

Mt. Tabor is an extinct volcanic vent. There is a park in its location, which is one of the must-visits if you want to see Portland cherry blossoms. While there are more than 200 parks in Portland, this is unique because it is on the top of a volcano. The peak has an elevation of 636 feet, which makes it quite easy to climb for most people. More than the cherry blossoms, it has the city as its backdrop, making the park picture-perfect.

Location: SE 60th Avenue and Salmon Street, Portland, Oregon 

3. University of Portland 

Founded in 1901, this private Catholic university is another hotspot for people who are chasing cherry blossoms. The university is picturesque throughout the year, but it is at its most beautiful in spring, especially when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. The quad or the courtyard is the best spot to check out. This is where the students meet, so it is hard to miss. There is also a giant bell tower in the middle of the cherry blossoms, which will make a nice subject in your photographs. 

Location: 5000 N Willamette Boulevard, Portland Oregon 

4. Hoyt Arboretum 

The Hoyt Arboretum was built in 1928 for the conservation of endangered species and community education. It occupies 190 acres of land on the top of a ridge with up to 12 miles of hiking trails, making it a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. It has more than 2,300 trees and shrubs, which came from six continents. Among others, some of the most stunning are the cherry blossoms. There are more than 60 cherry blossom trees in its trails. It includes late-blooming species, so it is a good place to check out if you have missed out on the bloom season of the other places mentioned in this guide. 

Location: 4000 SW Fairview Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 

5. Laurelhurst Park 

With a size of 26.81 acres, this city park is smaller than most of the parks on our list, but that does not mean that the cherry blossoms are less stunning. It is surrounded by neighborhoods, making it a popular hangout amongst locals. Aside from cherry blossoms, it is also home to several rhododendrons, adding to its striking beauty in spring. The park is popular for having tall and dense trees that make it a great escape from the nearby metropolis. 

Location: SE Cesar E Chavez Boulevard and Stark Street, Portland Oregon 

6. Pittock Mansion 

This French Renaissance mansion is one of the most extravagant structures that you will find in Portland. Built in 1914, it was originally the home of an Oregonian publisher. It was almost demolished in 1964 but has been spared and acquired by the City of Portland. Today, it is one of the city’s finest historic museums. Its beautiful ground is also home to picturesque cherry blossoms. 

Location: 3229 NW Pittock Drive, Portland, Oregon 

7. Portland Japanese Garden

At only 5.5 acres, this is a small park, but that does not mean that you should skip it if you want to see cherry blossoms Portland. The garden is home to a weeping cherry tree, which is believed to have been in its current location for over seven decades. You can find it at the southeast corner of the Flat Garden. During your visit, you will also learn more about the culture of Japan. There is a cultural village where you can have an immersive experience of the rich and unique Japanese culture. 

Location: 611 SW Kingston Avenue, Portland, Oregon 



Q: Where can I see cherry blossoms in Portland? 

A: Cherry blossoms can be seen in many public spaces in Portland, including parks. Some of the best to check out are Tom McGall Waterfront Park, Mt. Tabor, University of Portland, and Hoyt Arboretum. 

Q: Are the cherry blossoms blooming in Portland? 

A: Yes, cherry blossoms are blooming in Portland. This happens in spring, from Mach to April. Nonetheless, you need to plan strategically and be quick. In some cases, the blooming season is short-lived, and it might be quite late for you to see colorful and beautiful cherry blossoms. 

Q: Can cherry blossoms grow in Oregon? 

A: Yes, cherry blossoms grow in Oregon. While it originates in East Asia, the tree is now common throughout the world, including Oregon. The state’s sub-tropical to temperate climate and well-draining soil create an ideal environment for cherry blossoms. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

Cherry blossoms add beautiful colors to spring. While they are most popular in East Asia, especially Japan, you can all see them in Oregon. Check out the places mentioned above to see cherry blossoms Portland! From a public park to a university, cherry blossoms are everywhere in the city!

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