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The best Portland trees can add shade and beauty to any private property. The wrong choice, however, can be a headache, especially when it comes to care and maintenance. Pick one that is suitable for the space available and climate, among other factors. If you are clueless about the best choices for trees Portland, learn from some of our recommendations below. 

Our Top Picks for Portland Trees

1. Japanese Maple 

Ask around from experts in tree services Oregon for the most beautiful landscape trees, and for sure, many of them will mention Japanese maple. It is popular for its foliage. The leaves can have five to nine palmate lobes, which can be red or green. It is at its most beautiful in autumn when the leaves turn red, orange, purple, or yellow. The size can range from 15 to 25 feet, making it perfect even for small spaces. It grows best in a location with partial shade or filtered sun. 

2. Dogwood 

Make your landscape more striking with this year-round flowering tree. This ornamental tree is quite picky, so make sure that it has an ideal environment. It requires a partially sunny area with afternoon shade. Supplemental water is needed, especially during drought spells. They will generally not require fertilizer, but if you will use one, go for a slow-release formula. 

3. Crabapple Tree 

Also called the jewel of the landscapes, this is another notable option for beautiful trees Portland. It maintains an astounding visual impact throughout the four seasons. The flowers swell in spring, which are also known for their distinct fragrance. When the flowers die, they are replaced by small fruits, which are favorites of squirrels and birds. Plant this tree in an area with full sun and well-draining soil. Keep the soil moist when it is new. When it is established, it can survive even without watering. 

4. Birchbark Cherry

This Portland tree is known for its distinct dark copper-like bark. While it is a showy and beautiful tree, it is not as popular as the others in this list because it is prone to borers and other problems. To keep it healthy, proper pruning is necessary. This will get rid of the diseased branches before the pests can spread to the healthy parts. Wait until the tree has finished blooming before pruning. 

5. Bamboo Leaf Oak 

Native to Asia, this tree is also well-adapted to grow in Portland. It has long and narrow evergreen leaves with a pointed end, similar to the tips of a bamboo leaf. It has broad and smooth trunks, which look like the legs of an elephant. The tree has a dense canopy and twisting branches. Regular tree trimming Portland is necessary to keep the tree clean and compact, especially if you have a small yard. 

6. Grand Fir 

If you are looking for a grand addition to your yard, it is hard to go wrong with a grand fir. This will also give your home a Christmas ambiance throughout the year. It has glossy and green foliage that is made even better because of its citrusy fragrance. The tree can reach a height of up to 90 feet and a maximum spread of 20 feet, so make sure that you have enough space. It thrives in full sun with well-draining to moist soil. 

7. Western Red Cedar 

While it is more common in lush forests, with the right environment, western red cedar can grow even in your garden. It has decay-resistant wood and fragrant leaves. Best of all, it requires minimal care, making it another great choice for trees in Portland. It can grow at a height of 120 feet and a width of 60 feet, so choose a planting location with the luxury of space. There should also be a full sun to partial shade. More so, it accommodates different soil types. 

8. Tulip Poplar 

This tree is known for its tulip-like blooms, making it a beautiful addition to Portland yards. It is not a poplar tree and is in no way related to tulips. It is a member of the Magnolia family. It can exceed a height of 120 feet, so plant this only if you have a large property. It starts in a pyramid shape, but as it grows, it develops an arching dome. To take care of the tree, fertilize in spring and watch out for the presence of pests. Regular pruning is also necessary to keep it compact. 

9. California Buckeye 

A native to California, this tree also thrives well in Oregon, especially in Portland. It has showy white flowers that attract pollinating insects and birds. It has attractive multiple trunks and showy blooms, making it a great focal point in your yard. It requires routine pruning to maintain its shape. For proper trimming, it is best to trust experts in tree services Portland

10. Pacific Madrone 

A versatile and slow-growing tree, it can reach a height of up to 50 feet. Those that grow in the wild, on the other hand, can grow more than 100 feet. Its bark and leaves can be brewed into a medicinal tea. The berries, on the other hand, are used to make cider. They are not suitable in manicured and well-watered gardens. So, choose a neglected area, such as the back of your home where it can grow to provide shade and privacy. 



Q: What is Portland, Oregon most known for? 

A: Portland, Oregon is most known for being a vibrant city. It is admired for its diversity. The city is also popular for its hipster vibe, as well as liberal philosophy. To add, Portland has a reputation for its strip clubs and micro-breweries. 

Q: Where can I buy a tree in Portland, Oregon? 

A: If you want to buy a tree in Portland, Oregon, check out the local nurseries. Some of your best choices are Cornell Farm Nursery, Farmington Gardens Nursery, Garden World, Portland Nursery, and Deep Creek Garden Center. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

Whether it is for privacy, shade, beauty, or wildlife habitat, the Portland trees mentioned above are some of the best. Planting them in your garden is a great way to elevate the aesthetics of your landscape.

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