Emerald Ash Borer In Dallas Trees – Causes And Treatment

Have an ash tree in your yard? Plan effectively for emerald ash borer infestation. The damages caused by this tiny insect are inconceivable; they are fatal, severe, and can turn a once stunning ash tree grove into a horrid land of dead trees. 

The insect is known to have originated from the East of Asia and has continued to spread to other parts of the world, Dallas, Texas being no exception. 

Worst part? Once emerald ash borer attacks and no action is taken, your tree slowly starts to die. In this post, we explore this little ash tree assassin, its causes and treatment. Let’s start!

What Are The Signs Of Emerald Ash Borer?

The signs of emerald ash borer include:

1. Discolored And Unhealthy Leaves

The leaves’ appearance will tell you when something is wrong with your tree.  If they turn from thick and green to thin and yellow, there is probably a borers’ invasion. Don’t buy any more time; have a professional tree service Dallas company check your tree right away. 

2. Holes In The Barks

Emerald ash borer makes D- shaped holes on the bark of the tree and starts consuming the tissues of the tree from the inside out.

3. Loss Of Leaves

Comes as soon as the borers get comfortable in your ash trees. The fact that these insects consume the tissues that transport nutrients from the roots to the leaves explains why the leaves shed off after an infestation.

4. Increased Woodpecker Activities

Wood peckers love feeding on the larvae and pupae of these beetles. If you noticed increased activity of these birds around your property, that should be a red flag!

What Do You Do If You See An Emerald Ash Borer?

Once you spot the beetles in your property, the best thing to do is to call an arborist so they can inspect your trees and tell the level of the invasion. An arborist will not only confirm an infestation but will also tell how bad the damage is and the best treatment to administer.

How To Treat Emerald Ash Borer

Depending on how intense the damage is, there are several emerald ash borer treatment methods you can apply to try save your tree. Some of these include:

1. Soil Drenching

Soil drenching involves spraying insecticides into the soil around the base of your tree. The bug juice goes to the roots of the tree and is later transported to other parts.  This not only helps to save the tree at early stages of infestation but also keeps the beetles away.  Soil drenching is quite easy to perform for any homeowner.

2. Trunk Spray 

In trunk spraying, the pesticide is sprayed at the lower part of the stem all around.  It takes between 3 and 4 weeks for the insecticide to penetrate the tree. Trunk spraying uses less pesticide than its soil drenching counterpart.

3. Trunk Injection

Just like the name suggests, the method involves injecting the treatment chemical into the trunk. This option is even more economical in that you use less insecticide because it all goes in without spilling over.

It is considered the fastest method to treat borers, as the insecticide circulates within the tree much faster. Trunk injection not only kills the existing pests but also protects the tree from future infestation.

When Worse Comes To Worst

Sadly, sometimes the infestation may not be noticed early enough; too late that the tree is beyond treatment and the only thing left is removal.  However, the procedure of removing a tree that is infested by an ash borer is pretty delicate, as one has to make sure the insect is not spreading to the nearby trees. Your best bet, therefore, is to have a pro tree removal Texas service get rid of the tree for you.

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Will Emerald Ash Borer Kill All Ash Trees?


No, not all ash trees will die after an emerald borer’s infestation. If you take action immediately, your ash can still be saved. Also, your trees need to be in good health. Having an arborist check them regularly will ensure that they are protected from some of the worst tree diseases in Dallas that may minimize their chances of survival after a pest attack. 

Treatment should be enforced at the right time and by a tree expert to ensure that it is perfectly done. Immediate emerald ash borer treatment is up to 95% effective, which increases the tree’s chances of survival.

Tree Service Removal Overview

Emerald ash borers are cruel enough to destroy an entire grove of ash trees and bring it to death. Immediate action when the beetles are spotted, therefore, is advisable to avoid any kind of loss. And in case you are wondering, they don’t choose; they attack both healthy and weakened trees. Being on the lookout at all times is the only way to keep them off your property!

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