Tree Removal Requirements In Dallas

Trees are vital. Since the beginning, they have supplied us with life’s essentials, stabilized our soils, and provided life to the world’s wildlife. As such, their preservation is important both in homes and in public spaces. 

The city of Dallas has, therefore, put in place a set of tree removal requirements that all property owners should be aware of. It has also appointed city arborists to enforce these laws, perform tree surveys, and investigate/prevent any illegal tree removals. 

Criteria For Tree Ordinance In Dallas

The city of Dallas currently regulates:

  • All tree varieties except those that are not protected.
  • Tree protection from construction. Read more about protecting trees during construction in Dallas.
  • Replacement of protected trees at inch for inch also known as tree mitigation.
  • Specific methods of tree replacement.

Do You Need A Permit To Remove A Tree In Dallas?

No, if your property is under two acres and your tree does not fall under the protected species, you do not need a permit. However, if the tree is in a commercial property, you will require either a Building Permit or Tree Removal Permit. 

City of Dallas tree removal permit will also be required for vacant lots, lots that exceed two acres, and those that have structures awaiting demolition. Additionally, trees that are on a city property like in the parkway must not be removed before being approved by the city arborist.  

Do You Need A Permit To Cut Down An Oak Tree?

Yes, you will need a permit to cut down an oak tree in Dallas because oaks fall under the category of protected trees. However, you may not need a permit if the tree is under 8 inches in diameter. Other trees that will not require you to have license include:

  • Silver maple
  • Chinese tallow 
  • Arizona ash
  • Siberian elm 
  • Hackberry
  • Black willow 
  • Tree of heaven
  • Chinaberry 
  • Horseapple 

What Are The Tree Removal Requirements For Shared Trees?

If the tree is shared or considered a boundary, both parties must agree to its removal before it is taken down. The tree won’t need a permit if it sits on a property that is less than two acres and is not protected. In some cases however, you may need to consult with your personal legal counsel, insurance company, or a certified arborist before engaging any tree service Texas company for tree removal. 

How Do I Get A Permit To Remove A Tree?


To get a permit to remove a tree in Dallas, you will need to fill out a Tree Removal Application form, which can be downloaded from the Dallas City Hall official website. Next, you will be required to produce a Tree Survey, which often includes the location of your property, the species/caliper of the tree you wish to have removed, a vicinity map, and Mitigation Plan of having the tree removed. You can get these from any tree service Dallas company. Lastly, you will need to pay a fee of $ 100. The city officials will review the application and issue or deny you a permit. 

What Is A Mitigation Plan?

A Mitigation Plan is simply a tree replacement plan and the City of Dallas tree removal guidelines state that if you are cutting down a protected tree, it should be replaced inch per inch. For instance, if you take down a protected tree that is 12 inches in diameter, you have to replace it with a tree that is exactly 12 inches in diameter, two trees of 6 inches in diameter each, or any number of trees that will add up to 12 inches in diameter. The tree (s) must be planted on the same property from which the original tree was removed. 

What Happens If You Cut A Tree Down Without Permission?

If you cut a tree down without permission, that will be considered a violation of the Landscape and Tree Preservation Ordinance guidelines and will attract heavy penalties. As per the current law, people who do not observe these regulations will pay a fine of $ 2, 000 for each tree they cut down or $ 2,000 every day for any related violations. 

If you see someone removing a tree illegitimately, call Building Inspection and ask to speak to your district arborist. Provide the precise location of the property in question. 

Tree Service Removal Overview

The tree removal requirements set by the city of Dallas ensure proper preservation of trees to better the quality of life not only for the property owner but for all the area residents. If you have decided to cut down a tree, make sure to obtain all the necessary paperwork. You can even hire a tree removal service to make your work easier. Most tree service providers will take care of your paperwork, permits, and all the mumbo jumbo associated with tree removal.

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