5 Flowering Trees For Lewisville

Texas is a state where many ornamental, as well as native trees, can thrive without any problems. Flowering trees are without a doubt the most beautiful among them, and planting one of these will make a great addition to your garden. In this article, we will be talking about flowering trees for Lewisville and help you choose the best one for you and your garden! 

Keep reading to find out more about Lewisville flowering trees, their characteristics, and their specific needs in order to grow properly! 

Flowering Trees for Lewisville – Popular Varieties 

1. Oklahoma Redbud

Oklahoma Redbud is a beautiful deciduous tree with vibrant purple flowers. It blooms in early spring and has a moderately fast growth rate. Green foliage color is good-looking, and the tree attracts a lot of birds, so have that in mind if you plant in near your fruit trees. 

The tree prefers slightly alkaline, well-drained sandy loams. It can grow up to 15 feet in height at maturity and benefits from light shade in hotter regions. Regular watering is required during the first growing seasons to establish a root system. This is one of the most common flowering trees for Lewisville, which is why almost every tree service Lewisville recommends it. 

2. Burgundy Hearts Redbud

Burgundy hearts redbud can grow up to 25 feet in height and produces very showy fuchsia flowers that are held tightly on bare branches. It blooms in early spring and this is one of the Lewisville flowering trees commonly used in landscapes. The attractive leaves are brick red in spring, but they turn yellow in the fall. They have highly ornamental features and are one of the main reasons for planting this tree. 

It is suitable for planting under power lines since it has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 3 feet from the ground. It grows at a medium rate and can be expected to live for 60 years under ideal conditions. Full sun to partial shade is preferred for healthy development. 

3. Traveller Redbud


Traveller redbud is a spectacular and hardy spring bloomer, with showy fuchsia flowers held tightly on bare branches. Foliage matures to a deep green, which is another reason why this great weeping ornamental tree is one of the best Lewisville flowering trees used in landscapes. 

This is a small tree, growing only about 6 feet in height at maturity. A low canopy with a typical clearance of 1 foot from the ground makes it suitable for planting under power lines. Full sun to partial shade is preferred, as well as average to moist conditions. Specific pH or soil type is not determined, but the tree is highly tolerant of urban pollution, thus it is widely recommended by tree services Texas

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4. Don Egolf Redbud

Also known as the “Chinese redbud”, this free-flowering, and deciduous tree is very compact and provides a great addition to a landscape. It has tiny, rose-mauve flowers that show before the foliage. The whole tree is covered in these cheerful blossoms and they make it for a spectacular floral display. Glossy green leaves take over after a few weeks. This cultivar is sterile and doesn’t produce any seed pods. It preserves a clean look throughout the whole year, so it will always have something to offer to your landscape. 

The tree can grow up to 12 feet in height at maturity. Full sun to part shade is optimal for easier growth. Well-drained, moderately fertile soils with consistent moisture are preferred and recommended by tree experts. Butterflies, bees, and birds are attracted by this tree, so you might want to consider that when planting. 

5. Aristocrat Ornamental Pear 

Aristocrat ornamental pear is a medium-sized ornamental tree ideal for home landscapes and beautiful gardens. It has stunning clusters of white flowers that bloom very early in the spring. Dark green, heart-shaped, glossy leaves turn deep red in fall and offer amazing sight throughout the whole year. This tree is one of the last trees to lose its leaves in the fall, making it even better for landscape use. It has a less formal look than other ornamental pears. 

It can grow up to 40 feet in height when it fully matures. The tree is very adaptable to different types of environments and will grow in almost any type of soil. Its pyramidal shape and fast growth rate make it one of the most desirable trees to plant in Lewisville

Local Tree Experts Overview

Hopefully, this article will help you choose the right one of the flowering trees for Lewisville on this list. Keep in mind that the planting spot is very important, so check that first. Consult with your local arborist to get help with choosing the planting spot, then refer back to this article and choose the right tree for you and your backyard! 

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