Best Trees in Fresno, CA

Being so large, California features varying planting zones, with different tree species having varying performances in each zone. For example, tree species that do well in Bakersfield may not do as well in Fresno, though both counties are in California. 

Whether your goal is to improve the aesthetic appeal on your property or create a good shade, you will need to plant trees suited to the Fresno climate and soil conditions. This guide carries top-rated Fresno trees. Expert-recommended, the following trees should perform optimally in every part of Fresno County. 

The Best Fresno Trees

1. Fremont Cotton

Native to California, Fremont Cotton is one of the best types of trees in Fresno CA. The tree requires moist soil, with California tree experts recommending planting near wetlands, rivers, and streams for optimum performance. 

With access to enough water, Fremont Cottonwood can grow 10 to 20 feet in a year, making it one of the fastest-growing trees. On average, adult trees reach 100 feet in height and 35 feet in width. 

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2. Western Sycamore 

A species of the plane tree, the Western Sycamore is known by several names, including the California plane, Also, and California Sycamore. The tree can grow up to 35 meters in height, but it is more common in heights of between 20 and 25 meters, with a trunk diameter of about 1 meter. With enough water, the tree can grow 30 feet in under 5 years. 

Western Sycamore is native to the Fresno region, where it grows in floodplains, canyons, and along streams. When planted away from natural water sources, the tree needs plenty of supplementary water – generally, at least 1x per week. 

3. Valley Oak 

One of the largest types of trees in Fresno CA, Valley Oak’s stature approaches 100 feet in height and has a diameter of 2 to 3 meters. With an average growth speed, the tree can reach a height of 20 feet in just 5 years. 

The tree is favored by the hot interior valleys of the Fresno region. However, Fresno tree experts recommend planting the tree in a region where its roots can reach a water table. While Valley Oaks can tolerate hot, dry summers, the tree requires an abundant supply of water in the long-run. 

The tree’s branches feature an irregular, arching, and spreading appearance that gives a profound leafless silhouette in a clear winter sky. During the autumn, the leaves turn yellow to light orange, becoming brown during mid to late fall. 

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4. Red Willow 

A common Riparian tree, Red Willow grows near or in creeks, at elevations of 0 to 5000 feet. One of the fastest-growing types of trees in Fresno CA, Red Willow can grow to more than 50 feet in 10 years if it gets enough water. 

The tree’s form is variable, but it often grows from multiple winding trunks. Red Willow becomes deciduous during the winter season but starts growing back leaves during the warm winter snaps. 

5. Oregon Ash 

One of the best Fresno trees, Oregon Ash grows to a height of 25 meters with its trunk carrying a diameter of between 30 and 80 centimeters. Younger trees are fast-growing, with the growth rate slowing down as the tree approaches maturity. The tree performs best in riparian corridors with forests, grassland, woodland, or chaparral. 

Throughout its 250-years lifespan, the tree produces samara fruits. The fruits, however, do not show up until the tree is 20 to 30 years old. Being a vigorous sprouter, you may need to invest in regular tree pruning if you have the tree on your home. 


Q: What is a Fresno Tree?

A: Also known as the Ash tree, the Fresno tree is a genus of medium to large trees, mostly deciduous, often shedding their leaves in the Autumn season. The Fresno tree belongs to the olive family, together with the lilacs and olives. 

Q: Why is Fresno Famous?

A: Fresno is famous for its agricultural efforts, especially along the Fresno blossom trail. In spring, tourists visit Fresno to enjoy the incredible floral display as the fruit trees and nuts blossom, creating a versatile and colorful look on the 62-mile loop. 

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Local Tree Experts Overview 

With most parts of Fresno featuring good soils and good climate, the county can support a wide range of trees. However, not all trees will grow well in the region. This guide carries a list of the best Fresno trees. With proper care, the outlined types of trees in Fresno CA should transform your home.

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