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From healthy forests to beautiful landscapes, California trees are all over! They provide plenty of benefits, including attracting wildlife and beautification. Luckily, the Golden State enjoys good weather throughout the year, which provides an ideal environment for the healthy growth of trees.   

Whether it is in public forests or private properties, you will see a wide selection of California native trees. In this article, we’ll talk about some of them and their physical characteristics. 

The Most Common California Trees

1. California Box Elder 

A deciduous tree native to the Northern and Central California mountain, it reaches a height of up to 50 feet. This is a fast-growing tree and can grow a wide canopy within a few years. It is known as a great stabilizer near streams, which will prevent soil erosion. The seeds of the tree are known for feeding squirrels and birds. 

2. Catalina Black Walnut 

This native and deciduous tree grows from 20 to 49 feet. It has multiple trunks that grow outward from the base, making the tree look like a V-shaped shrub. They produce walnuts or seeds after five to eight years. While the nuts are edible, it is not grown commercially. The tree is also cultivated as a landscape ornament. 

3. Western Redbud 

While it is more common in the wild, this is one of the most beautiful California native trees that you can grow in your yard. With a maximum height of up to 15 feet, it is a great option for small spaces. The canopy, meanwhile, grows as wide as 10 feet, which also makes it an excellent choice for the best shade trees to grow in California

4. Desert Willow

Growing from 15 to 40 feet, providers of tree service California recommend the desert willow for those who would like to add fragrance and life to their yards. It has trumpet-shaped flowers that grow in clusters, making them more attractive. It can offer shade in the summer and even ambient heating when the temperature drops. 

5. California Live Oak 

Also called coast live oak, this is a slow-growing tree that can reach up to 80 feet upon maturity. It has a dense trunk that will almost extend to the ground. It is susceptible to sudden oak death and gold spotted oak borer, among other problems. Regular tree trimming California is necessary to prevent pests and diseases while also managing its size. 

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6. Santa Lucia Fir 

This is one of the rarest firs not only in California or the United States but in the world. It grows only in the Santa Lucia mountains, making it one of the most notable of the California trees. It has a conical shape with stiff and sharp needles. The tree can grow at a maximum height of up to 100 feet. 

7. Black Cottonwood

A large cottonwood tree, it can reach up to 100 feet in height! Meanwhile, the trunk can have a diameter of up to six feet. The tree is known for its fuzzy fruits that look like cotton or snow floating in winter. It is a common tree found in the wild, especially among streams where it helps in preventing soil erosion. 

8. California Sycamore

Reaching a height of up to 100 feet, this is one of the best fast-growing trees in California. One of its main characteristics is its distinct and wide canopy, which also makes it a great shade tree. It is considered a riparian tree, which means that it grows along water courses. It tolerates different soil conditions, although it grows best in places with moist soils.  

9. Coast Redwood 

Known as the tallest tree in the world, the coast redwood can stand up to 300 feet and has a lifespan of over 2,000 years. The trunk, meanwhile, can have a diameter of up to 20 feet and the bark can grow as thick as 12 inches. It is a coniferous timber tree that belongs to the cypress family. 

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10. Catalina Cherry Tree 

Also known as one of the best drought-tolerant trees in California, the Catalina cherry tree is found in the southern and central parts of the state. This is an upright tree with a maximum height of 40 feet. In late spring, the tree grows white and beautiful blooms. The fruits are edible for birds and can stain concrete. 



Q: What kind of trees are in California? 

A: Sycamore, black walnut, cottonwood, pine, and alder are some of the most common trees in California. You will find diverse species from forests to streets. 

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Local Tree Experts Overview 

From evergreens to deciduous, you will find an endless selection of California trees! They can add shade, purify the air, attract wildlife, and prevent soil erosion, among other benefits. Many of these trees are drought-tolerant, which is important given the heat problem in the state.

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