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Modesto is a city with a large agricultural industry based on the fertile farmland surrounding the city. However, the city has a relatively warm temperature and high humidity throughout the whole year. This is why you need to know about what Modesto trees thrive in the area without any problems, and that’s exactly what we will be talking about in this article. 

Keep reading to find out more about the City of Modesto trees, their characteristics, requirements, and specific needs!

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Modesto Trees – Best Varieties for the Area

1. Oregon Ash

Oregon Ash is a member of the Oleaceae family and is native to the area. It is a very specific tree in terms of growth. Unlike other fast growers, this tree can live up to 250 years in the optimal environment. Young trees grow really fast, but they slow down a bit once the tree hits maturity. The tree can usually be found in woodland, riparian corridors within forest, or grassland. Still, it is one of those Modesto trees that can be used in landscapes, too. In addition, it is a favorite among tree services California.

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At maturity, Oregon Ash can grow up to 80 feet in height. Of course, this is possible only if you provide an optimal environment – full sun exposure and deep, drained, moist soil. Additionally, the tree is quite resistant to different pests and diseases and is favored by butterflies. 

2. Black Elderberry

Black elderberry is a member of the relatively new Adoxaceae family. The tree is native in Modesto and is quite common in the area. In other parts of the tree’s range, Black elderberry has different names, but we know it by this name in California. It is a deciduous tree known for its unique, light grey bark and lengthwise furrowing. The leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, with five to seven leaflets and a serrated margin. In addition, its beautiful flowers are borne in mid-summer, each individual flower has five petals. 

Once it hits maturity, this tree can grow up to 30 feet tall. It prefers full sun exposure and watering twice a month during summer. We recommend hiring tree service Modesto to do the pruning for you in winter. 

3. California Buckeye


California buckeye is a member of the Sapindaceae family and is the only buckeye native to the state. Also, this tree is endemic in California and can be found over a large part of the state. Besides Modesto, it is also one of the native trees San Francisco. Its beautiful bark is usually coated with lichens or mosses and is usually multi-trunked with a broad crown. The leaves usually have 5-7 leaflets with downy surfaces and finely toothed margin. These are the reasons why California buckeye is one of the most popular City of Modesto trees today.

It grows to about 40 feet in height once it establishes the root system completely. Part shade and very low moisture are preferred, but make sure you water it at least two times a month during summer. 

4. White Alder

White alder is a member of the Birch family, native to the area. It is a deciduous tree with pale gray bark and alternate leaves. The bark stays very smooth until it is young and it becomes scaly as the tree matures. The leaves are usually elliptic or rhombic with a rounded to acute tip and finely serrate margin. Also, they have very thin hair below. The female catkins are ovoid while the male ones are pendulous, but both plants look beautiful. 

At maturity, this tree can grow to about 80 feet in height in an optimal environment. It prefers full sun exposure and moderately high watering. 

5. Box Elder

Box Elder is a species from the Sapindaceae family. Like other trees on this list, Box Elder is also native to the tree. Usually, it is found in the Central Valley and coastal mountain ranges. In addition, it is not uncommon in streamside locations. The tree has a certain degree of drought tolerance when it hits maturity and the roots can reach underground moisture. This deciduous tree is among the favorite City of Modesto trees when it comes to landscaping. 

It grows to about 65 feet tall when it hits maturity. Part shade and moderately high irrigation are recommended by most arborists. Also, scheduled pruning is recommended to maintain the beautiful look of this tree.

Local Tree Experts Overview

Modesto trees are very unique due to their adaptability to the specific climate in California. Most of these trees are drought tolerant and pest free. However, regular monitoring and scheduled pruning are recommended to enhance their overall health and prevent potential problems. Don’t hesitate to consult with your local arborist about the requirements and maintenance of any of these trees. Keep planting and stay happy!

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