Myths About Houston Tree Care

Similar to other professional niches, tree services are often subject to different myths. Lots of misconceptions, prejudices, and superstitions are caused by myths about trees and they can lead to damaging or even killing a tree. This is why it is always recommended to consult with a Texas tree service – it will save you both effort and money! Keep reading to find out more myths about tree care in Houston and whether they are true! 

Myths about Trees in Houston

The world of trees has many myths that challenge what we thought we knew. New research in recent years uncovered that our perspectives of trees were, kind of, wrong. Here are some of the most popular myths that you may want to hear!

1. Pruning Makes Trees Grow Faster

This is one of those myths about trees that’s not always true even though it seems to be reasonable. There are a few factors that this statement depends on: season, region, tree species, how many tree branches you’re taking away, etc. In some cases when pruning is not done properly, it can damage the tree and its growth will be much slower. Still, the tree will grow more intensively if you prune it right, taking away diseased, weak, and broken branches.

Don’t be sure that any cut branch will grow back. It totally depends on a limb size – it will never recover if it’s a mature branch. Therefore, just don’t cut limbs as they regrow as nothing happened since this can even kill a tree if you’re not being careful.

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2. The Cut Must be Flush When you Cut a Branch

You may hear people saying that the final cut must be made to exactly repeat the surface of the trunk. This is one of those myths about tree care that are simply not true. Doing this is supposed to help a tree heal the cut, but the tree doesn’t even need to heal the wound. There’s no need for additional help because trees just wrap wounds into new fresh wood.

Covering a micro stump is not a problem since the wood can wrap up to 2-3 inches. Just bear in mind to cut limbs in a downward angle to prevent water gathering. You can also hire some of the Houston tree services and let them do the trimming for you. 

3. Covering Tree Holes with Concrete is Good

People believed for a long time that concrete inside cavities helps with growth and healing. It is understandable why; concrete is a solid barricade for diseases and insects. However, doing this is never a good option since a tree bows under the wind, it is flexible. On the other hand, the “concrete” part will never be able to follow the same motion, which can cause wounds and even break the trunk in some cases. Consult with your local arborist to get advice on what to do with hollow trees!

4. Roots are Mirror Reflections of Limbs


This is another one of those myths about tree care that makes sense: trees usually have similar diameters of the crown and root system. However, not everything is about the diameter – roots never go deep into the ground, even to the tree may be sky-high. Trees need water, oxygen, and nutrients that can be found only in the first couple of feet of soil. 

Never make fast decisions if you’re unsure. Experience and qualification are very important when it comes to caring for a tree, so always consult with a professional arborist before you take any steps.

5. Anyone can Plant and Care for a Tree

It is definitely true that anyone can plant a tree. However, thoughtful care is absolutely necessary if you want to grow a healthy tree that can provide you with optimal benefits. Proper planting techniques, adequate care, and the right location for the tree are the most important things right from the start.

In other words, if you’re able to provide structural pruning in the first couple of years, you will end up with a healthy and strong tree that will require almost no maintenance as it ages. Don’t hesitate to hire a tree service if you’re not sure about your planting and maintenance skills!

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6. Trees Require Too Much Water

The truth is that trees do require water, but not as much as you may think. According to the official statistics, a single tree requires about $10 worth of water each year. This amount may vary from species to species, but this is average. Also, keep in mind that young trees need water much more during the summer months than the older ones.

In addition, if you provide too much water, you may actually kill the tree. Certain species need less water than others, and watering them frequently may cause the roots to rot since they are not able to use all of that water. 

7. Bushiest and Tallest Trees are the Best

Actually, smaller specimens may actually be stronger in the same size containers. Of course, aesthetic features are very important, but root and branch system structure as well as the tree trunk are far more critical to the long term success of the tree.

Early problems with the root system are usually the source of failure of the tree in the later years. This is another reason why you might want to consider consulting with the nearest tree service. They will be able to provide you with advice and adequate help with your tree’s root system!

Tree Service Removal Overview

There are many myths about trees that may cause homeowners to think twice when planting their seedlings. However, most of the time, these myths aren’t completely true, and you can solve any of these problems if you get proper help! Just make sure that you’re choosing the right type of tree for the location and that you can provide for the tree in the early stages of development! Refer to the myths in this article when you have second thoughts about planting new trees!

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