When It’s The Right Time To Plant Trees In Houston

With hot summers and cold snaps during the winter, it can be quite hard to determine when is the right time to plant trees in Houston. Still, if you consult with any Texas tree service, you will find out that the best time for planting is when the trees go dormant. When this happens, trees are less susceptible to damage or stress, and this is when the tree planting Houston season starts!

Keep reading to find out more about planting trees in Houston and when to do it to avoid damaging your seedlings!

When to Plant Trees in Houston? 

Mid-November to late February is the best time for planting trees in Houston. Summers in Houston can be very demanding, so planting during the winter can help trees get established in time. Depending on the type of tree you want to plant (flowering, citrus, deciduous) the planting area will vary. Some trees require shadier spots, while others prefer very sunny areas. The type of fertilization schedule you want to develop will also be determined when you know what type of trees you will plant.

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One of the most important things to keep in mind is to make sure there’s enough space for the root system to grow. In addition, consult with a tree service in Houston to learn what are the watering needs of the trees you’re planting. As you already know, Houston summers can be very hot, so if you’re not watering your trees regularly they will eventually get damaged or even die. In addition, a professional tree service will provide you with the best advice about the tree planting Houston season. 

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The effects of drought are devastating to the trees in the area, and this is the main reason why a lot of people are interested to replace them. Local arborists are always helping homeowners make the right decisions and take care of their landscapes. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get professional help if you have thoughts of planting new trees in your backyard! 

So, if you want to plant trees in Houston area, just make sure you do it at the right time to avoid damaging your seedlings. Keep reading to find out how to properly plant your trees in just a few simple steps. All you need is a seedling, a small shovel, some fertilizer, and a bit of positive energy!

Planting Trees in Houston – Easy Steps


1. Dig a Hole 

When the tree planting Houston seasons starts, the first thing you’ll need to do is to dig a hole. It needs to be deep as the root ball, but about 3 times the diameter of it. Doing this will allow easier root growth into the loose soil. 

2. Placing the Tree

New roots sometimes lack oxygen which can lead to difficulties in development if the tree is planted too deeply. To allow for settling, plant the tree 2-3 inches above the base of the trunk flare.

3. Fill the Hole

Fill the 1/3 of the hole with soil and pack it around the base of the root ball. Cut any wires, string, plastic, or fabric if the root ball is wrapped in it. You can add organic fertilizer of watering agents if you want to. Then, add more soil and settle. Eliminate air pockets with water and by stepping lightly on the soil. 

4. Add Stakes if Needed 

You can support the lower half of the tree with two stakes and some flexible tie material. Remove it after a year as it won’t be needed anymore. The stakes keep weed-eaters and lawnmowers from the tender trunk, but they also help a top-heavy tree to stay straight. 

5. Mulch the Base and Keep the Tree Watered

Add pine straw, leaf litter, composted wood chips, peat moss, or shredded bark at the base of the tree. The layer should be about 2-3 inches thick. Just make sure you don’t cover the trunk when doing this. Then, just let your tree grow. Make sure it is watered regularly. The soil should stay moist, but it shouldn’t be soaked. Of course, you will water it more when the summer comes, but at least once a week until then will keep the tree healthy. 

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Hopefully, this article will help you better understand what is the best time to plant trees in Houston. The main idea is to avoid planting during hot summers so your trees can have time to develop roots. Instead, by planting a tree in winter or late fall, it will have enough time to develop roots big enough to get through the first summer. Just keep in mind to water it regularly. Don’t hesitate to consult with a professional arborist to get much-needed help! 

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