Best Ornamental Trees For Beaumont

Whether you are designing a new landscape from scratch, refurbishing an old one, or just looking for something new to spruce up a boring spot in your backyard, an ornamental tree could be just what you need. 

Ornamental trees will add color to your property with their gorgeous blossoms, fall color, shape, bark, or a blend of these stunning features, keeping it alive for years to come. There are a couple of beautiful ornamental trees for Beaumont that you can use to brighten your yard. Below are our favorite two. 

Ornamental Trees For Beaumont: 2 Species That Will Add Sparkle To Any Yard

1. Compacta Japanese Holly Shrub 

The Compacta Japanese Holly is one of the most popular ornamental trees for Southeast Texas and for a good reason; it is neat and easy to maintain. This beauty has dense foliage and a tidy globe-like form that gives you a full yard transformation in one little package. Furthermore, the young stems have a beautiful shade of purple, offering an amazing contrast that adds more life to your yard. 

Cute, little black fruits emerge in the winter, attracting graceful wildlife to your garden. And you will be happy to know that this shrub doesn’t grow any taller than 6 feet in height or spread, meaning, you don’t need to have the biggest yard in the neighborhood to sneak in one or two in your garden. 

What’s more, it doesn’t need excessive pruning, so you technically won’t need to spend money on expensive tree trimming Beaumont services. No matter where you place it, this little beauty will add notable color to your yard with very little care. Plant in groups and you will have a beautiful sea of rich evergreen color. 

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2. Mimosa 

A Mimosa tree will give you a colorful show for months while providing your yard with an elegant tropical feel. In the spring, the tree produces green leaves that merge into a V-shape and the bountiful short foliage brings out the zen of a beautiful Asian garden. 

Come summer, the sun heats up the leaves, turning them into a dark burgundy color, a unique and eye-catching phenomenon that will make your garden look like a part of an elegant oriental jungle. Still wondering why this is one of the most common ornamental trees for Southeast Texas? Perhaps you haven’t heard that these trees also produce breathtaking pink blossoms in the spring, attracting attention, birds, and wildlife. 

If you are looking for the best flowering trees for Texas that will grow well in a tight space, this is one, as the tree doesn’t grow any taller than 20 feet. It is also tolerant of the most common tree diseases in Texas and can do well in a wide variety of soil types

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The Local Tree Experts Overview 

There are several ornamental trees for Beaumont that will brighten your home space, but these two are our favorite because they can grow anywhere with little care and tolerate most fungus affecting trees in Texas. If you are having trouble figuring out which one will work for your soil type and space, consult a professional tree service Texas arborist. 

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