How To Find The Iconic Palm Tree Street Los Angeles

Los Angeles – a city known for its Mediterranean climate, Hollywood entertainment industry, and of course, palms! It is believed that there are more than 75,000 palm trees in LA, many of them planted near streets and boulevards. The most popular palm tree street Los Angeles is definitely Sunset Boulevard – a 22-mile street that stretches from Malibu to Hollywood. 

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Keep reading to find out more about the iconic palms street in LA!

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Famous Palm Tree Street Los Angeles – Sunset Boulevard

History and How to Find it

At first, the Sunset Boulevard extended only from Hollywood to Marion Avenue back in 1901. Later, the tree service California companies and Board of Public Works successfully proposed the extending of the Sunset to the Plaza by connecting the road to Bellevue Avenue. However, this plan was postponed until 1904 due to the affected landowners. 

By 1910, the now-famous palms street reached the Plaza, but it was connected by two narrow and short segments that weren’t aligned with each other. Therefore, it didn’t provide a proper thoroughfare to it. Several properties along the route were condemned by 1912 and the boulevard was changed in both its alignment and width.

The Sunset Boulevard was realigned one block north of Marchessault Street that was closed to motor traffic by the 1960s. Today, the famous street stretches all the way to the Pacific Coast Highway and remains one of the most iconic places in LA.

Nowadays, you can find the Sunset Boulevard by setting your GPS to any of the addresses between 8100 and 9100 Sunset Boulevard. 

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As already mentioned, the boulevard is approximately 22 miles in length. It heads northwest from Downtown Los Angeles all the way to Hollywood. The boulevard goes through it for several miles before it bends towards the ocean. 

The main locations that the street passes through are Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Loz Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, and Holmby Hills. Additionally, the street runs along with UCLA’s campus. From there, the boulevard continuous to the Pacific Palisades where it intersects with the Pacific Coast Highway. 

The road has a lot of curvaceous winding stretches, making it pretty hard to drive on for inexperienced drivers. In addition, it is an iconic street with plenty of palm trees planted along the road. Tree services Los Angeles regularly monitor and take care of these palms to keep them in the best shape possible. 

Cultural Aspect

Since 1950, the part of the street going through West Hollywood is famous for its active nightlife. Apart from that, the boulevard is also very popular due to its influence on the music and movie industry. There is also a large number of guitar and music-related stores in it. 

In addition, the boulevard is one of the main attractions of the city and many tourists spend time wandering through it. The street is commemorated in 1950s Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder. Many other filmmakers and musicians found inspiration in it, so the name is frequently mentioned in songs and the movie industry. 

Popular Places for Taking Pictures

The Sunset Boulevard is one of the most popular spots for taking selfies and landscape pictures. Here are some of the popular places you should visit to take some pictures of this iconic street:

  • Pattern park
  • The sunset strip
  • The comedy store
  • Chateau Marmont
  • Hollyridge Trail (this is the best spot for the “Hollywood sign picture)

What is the street in LA with the palm trees?


The most popular street in LA with palm trees is Sunset Boulevard. The name conjures up images of Hollywood affluence and glamour. The iconic palm trees are the main attraction during the day, while the people usually head to the Sunset Strip for the buzzing nightlife when the sun goes down. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

The most popular palm tree street Los Angeles, Sunset Boulevard, is one of the main roads in the city. It offers many different things to residents and is decorated with beautiful palm trees. Tree services regularly maintain them to keep the landscape as clean as possible. Don’t miss your chance to visit this street if you find yourself in LA!

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