Best Fast Growing Trees California

It takes approximately 20 to 30 years for a tree to reach its maturity. This depends on several factors, such as the variety and location, as well as the care and maintenance it receives. If you are impatient, then choose California fast growing trees.

With the fast growing trees California, reaching full size is possible within 10 to 15 years. Read on and find out some of the best options for those who do not have the luxury of time to wait! 

Our Favorites for California Fast Growing Trees 

1. California Sycamore 

A top option for the best drought-tolerant trees in San Diego, the California sycamore has a growth rate of up to two feet annually. As one of the fast growing trees Southern California, it will grow irregular and spreading crown. It can reach a maximum height of up to 100 feet and spread of up to 70 feet. 

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2. Victorian Box 

In a single season, the Victorian box can grow as much as two to three feet. Once it reaches full growth, the average height is 30 to 40 feet. A good thing about this tree is that its branches remain sturdy even as it grows, so it won’t be a significant hazard. 

3. Weeping Willow 

It can grow anywhere from three to four feet in a year, although, this can be a bit slower as the tree matures. This will make a great dramatic addition to your landscape because of its hanging leaves, making this willow variety look like it is weeping. Prune the tree while it is young, which will allow the creation of a central leader for a neater appearance. 

4. White Mulberry 

Within six years, this tree can grow up to 12 feet. Upon maturity, it can reach a maximum height of 80 feet. They are not particular about soil type, so they can grow whether you have clay, loam, or sandy soil. It has edible berries and leaves, which are also often used for medicinal purposes, such as for the treatment of sore throats, colds, and respiratory problems. The sweet berry fruits can also help attract birds to your property. 

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5. Silver Maple 

A common tree not just in California but in North America, silver maple can grow more than two feet annually. The maximum height is 80 feet and the width is 50 feet depending on its location. The limbs are brittle and can be easily prone to breakage when it is windy. Deep cavities and holes are common problems under the tree. This can make it home to squirrels and raccoons. If it is being a disturbance in your property, do not hesitate to consider tree removal California

6. Reed Avocado 

A slender and upright tree, this is known not only for being fast growing but also for its large fruits! The round fruit can grow as much as the size of a softball and weigh up to 18 ounces. To ensure its health, it needs regular watering, especially in the summer months. As the temperature rises, it needs at least two inches of water weekly. Pruning is unnecessary unless you want it to be smaller to fit a compact garden. 

7. Bracelet Honey Myrtle 

With flowers wrapping around the stem like bracelets, this is another fast growing tree that makes a nice addition to California homes. It has dense flower spikes and interesting foliage that will add more character to your yard. This hardy tree grows in almost all types of soil. Plus, it does not have invasive roots, so you can grow it even under power lines or near streets without worrying about potential property damage. 

8. Bailey Acacia 

The bailey acacia is a water-wise tree that provides showy flowers in the spring, making it an attractive addition to any landscape. One of the fast growing trees Northern California, especially in the Bay Area, it can quickly become an eyesore on your property. To prevent this from happening, consult with providers of tree services California for regular pruning. 



Q: What are the fastest growing trees for privacy? 

A: Some of the fastest growing trees for privacy are hybrid poplar, silver maple, and Eastern white pine, among others. These trees can be attractive alternatives to fences for a natural cover in your property. 

Q: What is considered a fast growing tree? 

A: A fast growing tree is a variety that grows up to 25 feet within ten years. They can grow two to eight feet per year, especially with the right environmental conditions and care. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

Humans, by nature, are impatient. We do not have the patience to wait up to three decades for a tree to fully grow. If that’s the case, then consider our recommendations above for fast growing trees California! Within as short as ten years, you can fully grow a tree in your yard. 

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