Best Evergreen Trees Sacramento

Retaining their foliage all year long, evergreen trees prevent the look of bareness in winter months. They create great windbreaks and shelter for birds and small animals that live in your yard. As an added benefit, the trees create good privacy screens and noise buffers, creating a more peaceful environment. 

Choosing ideal evergreen trees Sacramento is often a struggle for most property owners. The best trees need to withstand the often-cold winters and handle the sometimes-dry summers without shedding their leaves. In this article, you will find expert-recommended Sacramento evergreen trees. 

Top-Rated Evergreen Trees Sacramento

1. Strawberry Tree

Considered an ornamental tree, the Strawberry Tree retains its foliage throughout the year, adding beauty and visual interest to the landscaping. In the winter, its green leaves contrast nicely with its dark reddish, papery bark. Through the spring season, the tree develops white urn-shaped flowers, before producing bright red, round fruit in the summer.

One of the most resilient Sacramento evergreen trees, the Strawberry tree performs optimally in almost any type of soil. Once established, the tree is tolerant of drought, wind, and can stay healthy in both full sun and partial shade. 

The tree grows to a height of between 15 and 30 feet, with a crown spread of about 25 feet at maturity. Its growth rate, however, is quite slow, with a height increment of under 12 inches per year. 

2. Deodar Cedar 

Attractive coloring, elegant and pendulous branches, pleasing shape, and an interesting limb pattern set this evergreen tree apart. Growing at a medium rate, Deodar Cedar reaches a height of 40 to 70 feet and a crown spread of 20 to 40 feet at maturity. 

The tree performs well in full sun, requiring about 6 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight daily. Deodar Cedar can adapt to almost any type of soil, with Sacramento tree experts often recommending planting in acidic, loamy, sandy, moist, well-drained, and clay soils. 

Even though the tree prefers moist soil, it has an impressive drought tolerance. Making an ideal soft windscreen, it can be used as a street tree, with lower branches pruned for pedestrian traffic. 

3. California Laurel 

An attractive tree of variable size, the California Laurel is available in small 6 feet shrubs to trees as huge as 60 feet. However, in Sacramento, the evergreen tree is available in heights of between 20 and 40 feet. The tree releases terpenes that kill off competing plants, which can somewhat limit understory planting.

One of the few fragrant evergreen trees Sacramento, California Laurel carries oblong, smooth-edged leaves that have a peppery aroma. Often turning into a spectacular golden color in autumn, the leaves are sometimes used as a cooking spice. 

The tree produces small, yellow, yellowish-green, and white flowers, which generally open in late winter and early spring. The plant develops green berries, lightly spotted with purple and yellow in the summer season. 

4. Cork Oak 

Growing to heights of 20 meters, cork oak is one of the most unique and valuable Sacramento evergreen trees. Carrying a unique, textured bark, the tree is a leading source of cork. During the cork harvest season, the tree remains standing while huge sections of its outer bark – the cork itself – are peeled. 

The tree is unique in its ability to regenerate the outer bark. Once it reaches 25 years of age, the tree’s bark can be stripped once every 9 – 12 years without causing damage to the tree. A single tree can live up to 200 years and can be harvested over 16 years. Forming a large, rounded canopy, the tree provides wonderful shade

5. Interior Live Oak 

A light-gray bark and dark green foliage that lasts throughout the year makes the Interior Live Oak one of the best evergreen trees Sacramento. A native in the California region, Interior Live Oak performs well from sea level to an elevation of 5,000 feet and is one of the major components of foothill woodland. 

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When young, the tree grows rapidly, reaching a height of between 40 and 80 feet. A resilient tree, Interior Live Oak adapts to almost any soil and can live to be centuries old. The tree performs well in both partial shade and full sun, with California tree experts recommending a minimum of 4 hours of direct, unfiltered sunlight daily. 

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Q: What is the Best Evergreen Tree for Privacy?

A: A go-to evergreen for lining a fence, the American arborvitae can live for several centuries. In Sacramento, the popular varieties mature at 10 – 15 feet, much smaller than in the wild, making them ideal for year-round privacy in evergreen landscaping. 

Q: What’s the Fastest Growing Evergreen Tree?

A: Some of the fastest-growing Sacramento evergreen trees include: 

  • Leyland cypress – Grows up to 6 feet per year. 
  • Thuja green giant – Grows 5 feet every year. 
  • Deodar cedar – Grows 2 to 3 feet every year. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

While deciduous trees lose their leaves, Sacramento evergreen trees maintain their green color all year long. In the middle of winter when everything has a dull look, the evergreens bring the much-needed character and color to the property. 

This article outlines the best evergreen trees Sacramento. Suitable to the soil conditions and climate in Sacramento, these trees should perform well 12 months every year.  

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