Best San Francisco Fruit Trees That Grow Well

San Francisco has a very mild climate that can be challenging for some fruit trees. This is why early ripening varieties do the best in the area. Limited warm summer days make early harvest obligatory if you want to get the best out of San Francisco fruit trees. However, microclimates can make a huge difference, but we recommend not relying too much on them. Some varieties have particular timing, companions, and pollination needs, so keep reading to find out more about them.

We will be talking about fruit tees Bay Area in this article, so stick with us to learn more!

San Francisco Fruit Trees – Common Varieties

1. Eureka Lemon

Eureka lemon is one of the most common San Francisco fruit trees. This beautifully productive lemon tree bears fruit in large crops of lemons all year long. You may notice that the harvest ramps up during summer and spring. The best thing about this tree is that it is very easy to grow. They don’t require too much maintenance, yet the fruit has a true lemon flavor with almost no seeds at all. 

At maturity, this tree grows to about 12 feet in height. It prefers full sun exposure and doesn’t require too much watering. In addition, it is widely adaptable to different soil types. Tree services San Francisco recommends planting Eureka lemon even for beginner gardeners due to its versatility. 

2. Santa Rosa Plum

Santa Rosa plum is a beautiful, large tree with red fruits and gold flesh. It is commonly eaten fresh, but they can also be used for canning or cooking. Additionally, this is one of the easier-to-grow fruit trees Bay Area. The tree ripens in early summer, making it ideal for the climate in the area. Also, it is self-pollinating so you will have blooms almost all the time. 

Standard varieties grow up to 20 feet in height at maturity. Full sun exposure and loamy soil composition are preferred for healthy development. In addition, the tree is heat and drought-tolerant so you don’t have to worry too much about irrigation too. 

3. Pluots

Pluots are a member of the stone fruit family. They have a very similar shape and texture to plums, and their skin also is not very different either. The fruit is characterized by a very intense flavor, in a good way. Their flavor is brimming with sweetness and you’ll probably never taste a bitter one like you can sometimes when it comes to plums. 

Pluots can grow about 20 feet in height at maturity. They prefer full sun exposure and somewhat regular irrigation during the summer. The tree is adaptable to a different type of soil, but it is probably the best to consult with a tree service California to get the best advice on the type of soil for Pluots. 

4. Apples

Apple trees can successfully grow in San Francisco, especially those varieties that ripen early. We recommend opting for a variety that can be picked as early as July. Usually, these varieties will continue to produce fruit until late September. The creamy white flesh is tart and juicy when ripe, and this is exactly what you’re aiming for in an apple tree. In addition, apples can be used for canning and baking if picked early. 

Most apple tree varieties grow up to 25 feet in height once they hit maturity. This fruit tree prefers full sun exposure and moist, well-drained soils. Keep in mind that apples are not drought-tolerant, so somewhat regular irrigation will be required during summer months. 

5. Asian Pears

Most Asian varieties of pears are hybrids that produce yellow fruit. All of them have juicy, creamy, melting flesh, and a mild flavor. They are perfect for desserts, salads, or even for canning. Of course, they can be eaten fresh too, but some people prefer them in a dish. Some varieties ripen in early July, making them perfect for the climate.

At maturity, these trees grow to about 20 feet tall. They prefer full sun exposure and slightly acidic, heavy, well-drained soil. Pears are, according to experts, some of the best fruit trees Bay Area.

What can you grow in San Francisco?


You can grow different types of fruit trees and vegetables in San Francisco without any problems. Many varieties thrive in the foggy climate during warmer months just fine. Some trees are more susceptible to extremely hot temperatures, so consult with your arborist about the weather requirements. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

San Francisco fruit trees are unique in many different ways – they are adapted to the foggy climate during summer, they taste really good, and are fairly easy to grow. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional arborist to help you with pruning and maintenance of your fruit trees. We always recommend getting professional help when it comes to pruning and regular checks for diseases.

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