Best Santa Barbara Flowering Trees

Santa Barbara is a city with approximately 50,000 state and park trees. These trees belong to over 456 varieties, which is exceptionally diverse. Aside from publicly-owned trees, there are also tens and thousands of plants in private properties, including Santa Barbara flowering trees. 

Thinking of planting a tree in Santa Barbara? The choices can be overwhelming. In this short list, you’ll know some of the top options. 

Top Picks for Santa Barbara Flowering Trees 

Elevate your landscape by planting a flowering tree! Make your yard a head-turner. Below are some of the best trees to grow. 

1. Jacaranda 

When it comes to flowering trees Southern California, the jacaranda is one of the most popular. It can be a shrub or a large tree, which can reach a height of 40 feet and a width of 30 feet upon maturity. With a large canopy, it makes a great shade tree. This ornamental tree is most popular for its bright and tubular flowers.

Also recognized as one of the best flowering trees in San Diego, Santa Barbara residents wishing to plant jacaranda should prepare for fall. This is the time when the flowers can create a huge mess. They are also sticky, making them difficult to remove from the ground. 

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2. Red Flowering Gum 

This flowering tree will make a great accent to Santa Barbara home landscapes. In late summer, bright blooms will appear in clusters. Its fiery red flowers will have a brilliant display of colors while also giving your home a dense canopy as shade. 

Even if this tree has a low canopy, it can spread wide. If you have a small garden, this can take up valuable space. To limit its growth, tree trimming Sant Barbara is a must.

3. Coral Gum 

An erect evergreen, the coral gum will have leaves throughout the year. It has a single trunk and can reach a maximum height of 20 feet. The crown is narrow and the drooping branches will give it a unique character. The showy yellow and coral flowers, as well as attractive seed pods, will make it a beautiful addition to your home. 

This is a drought-tolerant tree, so there’s no need to worry about watering. More so, it requires full sun and pruning when it is young. If you need help maintaining its compact and neat form, look for reliable providers of tree services California.

4. African Tulip Tree 

Don’t be fooled by its name. It does not grow exclusively in Africa. It is also one of the top options for flowering trees Southern California.  The tree has plenty of monikers, including fireball and flame of the forest, which refers to its flowers. It has velvety flower clusters. The red-orange and trumpet-shaped blooms will make it a valuable addition to any garden. 

However, despite its beauty, some people are wary about planting this tree because of its fragile limbs. It can be a hazard when it is planted near trees or walkways. If you have it outside of your home, consider tree removal Santa Barbara. Transfer it somewhere it won’t be a danger to the public. 


Q: What are the purple trees in Santa Barbara? 

A: The purple trees in Santa Barbara are jacaranda. It is a genus with 49 species of flowering plants belonging to the Bignoniaceae family. This is a sub-tropical tree most popular for its large and attractive blooms. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

The Santa Barbara flowering trees will give your home a distinct appeal! From jacaranda to African tulip tree, the trees listed above will make your landscape stand out! The best thing is that most of these trees will not require too much in terms of care and maintenance.

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