Purple Trees in San Diego: The Astonishing Jacaranda Trees

Almost like a fairytale – this is one of the best ways to describe the beauty of the jacaranda tree. If you are from san Diego, you are lucky to have the chance to enjoy the striking sight of jacaranda blooms. Even better, you can grow it in your yard! 

In 2000, the jacaranda cemented its reputation as the national tree of San Diego, even if it is not a native to the city. From roads to yards, this tree is a prominent feature in the city’s landscape. Many people aspire to have these purple trees in San Diego in their properties. 

What makes the jacaranda an astonishing tree? How do you plant and grow it? This article has the answer to your questions!

What is Jacaranda? 

Jacaranda mimosifolia or the jacaranda tree is a native to South and Central America. They are from mountain valleys. The tree thrives well in sub-tropical climates, such as in Bolivia and Argentina. 

It is cultivated globally for its ornamental value. The beautiful blooms will surely captivate your attention, but this is also the reason why people have a love-hate relationship with this tree. 

When they are in full bloom, the flowers are notably amazing! They give San Diego streets and homes a distinct character during spring. Come fall, however, it can be a problem. The flowers will drop and create a mess. Not to mention, they are also sticky, making it quite a challenge top clean. 

Physical Characteristics 

If there is one thing that makes the jacaranda trees San Diego popular, it would be its flowers. It has large purple to lavender-blue blooms. No wonder, it is regarded as one of the best flowering trees in San Diego. The flowers look even better with the delicate and fern-like leaves of the tree. 

The tree is at its liveliest in spring. This is also when the leaves drop. The tubular flowers will burst and appear in clusters at the tip of every branch. The flowering season will last for up to eight weeks and it will fall to the ground. When the flowers fade, green leaves will sprout and will signal another growth cycle for the tree.  

Growing Purple Trees in San Diego 

Interested in planting jacaranda trees San Diego? Below are some of the most important things to do. Even tree service California companies will agree that these things will increase the chances of growing jacaranda successfully. 


To grow jacaranda in San Diego, pick the right location. While you can grow it indoors in containers, it will not flower. Choose a place with sandy and well-drained soil. More so, there should be full sun exposure. Plant it somewhere spacious as the tree can grow quite fast. It can reach up to 60 feet. When it is time to prune, get in touch with providers of tree services San Diego.

Care and Maintenance  

Watering is one of the most important requirements. While it is one of the best drought-tolerant trees in San Diego, it is important that you water the plant when the top three inches dry. 

Fertilizing will also help speed up growth. However, when using fertilizers, stay away from too much nitrogen. Otherwise, the tree will not flower. 

More so, pay attention to its pruning. It needs a central trunk for strength and stability. Improper pruning will result in the growth of branches from all sides and will make the tree unsightly. Regular tree trimming San Diego will help keep the jacaranda tree compact, especially if you have a small yard. 



Q: What are the purple trees in California? 

A: The purple trees in California are jacaranda. It is a sub-tropical tree that is popular for its pale-indigo blooms. It is a common shade and street tree in California, especially in San Diego where it is dubbed as the national tree. 

Q: Where do jacaranda trees grow? 

A: Jacarandas trees grow in tropical and sub-tropical regions. There are over 49 species that can thrive in various hardiness zones. It is also common in California, specifically in San Diego. From Latin America to Caribbean, it thrives in diverse climates. It also grows in Asia, especially in Nepal. 

Q: What does a jacaranda tree symbolize? 

A: The jacaranda tree is a symbol of wisdom, good luck, rebirth, and wealth. There is also a legend that if a flower falls on your head, then you will be enjoying a fortune. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

In sum, purple trees in San Diego are lovely! The amazing spring blooms are a sight to behold! If you want to grow jacaranda at home, pick the right spot. Pay attention to watering, fertilizing, and pruning, among other things. Most importantly, pack a lot of patience. While it is beautiful, the flowers can be a mess, and hence, cleaning your yard may end up being frustrating!

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