Best Shade Trees For Austin

When it comes to selecting shade trees for Austin, one of the factors that homeowners should consider is the trees’ ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. You want a tree that not only provides sufficient cover but also tough enough to endure the hot, oppressive summers.

There are a number of shade trees that do very well in Austin and the surrounding areas. Below are the top five. 

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5 Shade Trees For Austin, Texas

Shades trees are a great asset to any homeowner, but before selecting one for your Austin property, you need to make sure it will receive sufficient water and sunlight and importantly, thrive in the area’s soil conditions. Here are the best Austin shade trees:

1. Chinese Pistache 

To spruce up your yard scenario, you can think of the gorgeous Chinese Pistache. This tree will not only uplift your lawn but will also provide the much needed shade during summer. 

A Chinese Pistache has a beautiful grayish brown bark and produces hard, durable wood. It grows best in mildly alkaline and mildly acidic soils. Come fall, this tree graces your yard with bright red and pale green foliage. When conditions are right, the tree can grow up to 40 feet high and 30 feet wide.

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2. Japanese Red Maple

The Japanese Red Maple is one of the best Austin shade trees for people with small patio spaces. It will provide plentiful of shade and still look dashingly stunning in your garden. The tree produces bright red leaves in summer that change to reddish purple in fall. With proper care, a Japanese Maple can reach a height of about 25 feet and spread out up to 20 feet. 

But despite being an amazing tree, Japanese Maples are susceptible to root rot and powdery mildew. It is important, therefore, to have a standby tree service Austin expert that checks your maples regularly to make sure they are always in good shape.  

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3. Bur Oak

Homeowners with a big lawn space and ready to welcome a giant shade tree can try the Bur Oak. It is large enough to cool your home, beautiful to look at, and can live up to 100 years. Bur oak is one of the most drought tolerant oak varieties and can comfortably withstand the scorching heat of Austin summers. 

A mature Bur Oak can exceed 90 feet in height and 70 feet in width, which is why this is one of the best trees to plant in Austin for shade. The leaves are dark green but this color is replaced by red and yellow foliage in autumn. 

Bur Oaks grow better in acidic soils than in alkaline soils. But they can handle many other types of soils like sandy, clay, medium loam, lime-based, and caliche type. 

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4. Lacebark Elm 

Another drought tolerant shade tree that will do well in your Austin property is the Lacebark Elm. Among all elm varieties, this one is the most disease tolerant and will grow up to 50 feet high and 40 feet wide if provided the right conditions. It grows fairly fast compared to other shade trees of the same size. 

Lacebark Elm produces dark green foliage that changes to reddish and yellowish in autumn. It is low maintenance and can grow in a variety of soil conditions such as acidic, alkaline, clay, moist, loamy, and sandy. The tree does encounter a few pest infestations but these can be controlled with the help of a tree service Texas company

5. Texas Ash

The Ash is native to Texas, which makes it a favorite of many Austin homeowners.  It is well adaptable to the soil and weather conditions of this Texas area and given the appropriate care, it can max out to a height of 45 feet. 

The leaves of a Texas Ash are dark green but this color changes to a gorgeous shade of yellow and red in fall. You, however, need to pay attention to Canker, Mildew, and other diseases that affect the ash trees in Austin. 

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Which Tree Gives Most Shade?


The trees that give most shade include:

  • Oaks
  • Willows
  • Plane trees
  • Birches
  • Elms
  • Lindens 
  • Ashes 
  • Maples 

What Are The Best Fast Growing Shade Trees?

The best fast growing shade trees include:

  • Northern catalpa
  • Quaking aspen 
  • Red sunset maple 
  • Hackberry 
  • Northern red oak 
  • Pin oak
  • Silver maple 
  • Tuliptree 
  • American sweetgum 

Tree Service Removal Overview 

Planting shade trees is one of the most cost effective ways to cool your home during summer. The best shade trees for Austin would be those that can endure the severe temperatures of this Texas area. We have listed five that are drought tolerant and easy to obtain and maintain. Whether you pick a colorful, enormous, or an average-sized one, we are certain you’ll love it.

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