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Trees have a huge aesthetic value for our environment. In addition, they play a very important role in our economic development, wildlife that lives among us in the trees, and our mood during specific times of the year. That’s why Dallas urban forest plan is important for the residence and all the living beings in the area. Keep reading to find out more about it and learn why reforesting is important for your city!

Dallas Urban Forest Plan – Reforesting the City

The growth of the urban forest is constantly encouraged by the officials in Dallas. Guidance and tree supplies are available to the citizens almost all the time. The resources for purchasing new trees are available through the reforestation fund and citizens can use them to plant on any public property, including parks and parkways. It is created by the official reforesting department and professional Texas tree services approve of this type of reforestation funding. 

This is where you can get involved. Reforesting community groups in Dallas form planting groups that you can join and start planting. The projects are usually sponsored by the same group if it qualifies for assistance. Keep in mind that all seedlings requested through this type of funding have to be planted on public property. For example, parkways, approved medians, public schools, recreation centers, and parks qualify as the planting areas. 

The program allows planting from December through March, since tree planting is best done in the fall. The Dallas urban forest plan requires all forms and documents to be filled out at least a month prior to planting. You need to be following procedures since people in charge have to be sure that there are no bureaucratic omissions.

Depending on the size of the parkway or median, the type of tree you choose will vary. So, for smaller areas you can choose some of these:

  • Desert willow
  • Yaupon holly
  • Crepe myrtle
  • Redbud

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On the other hand, types of larger trees you can plant in spaces larger than 5’ wide are:

  • Chinese pistache
  • Pecan
  • Bald cypress
  • Elm
  • Oak

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Is Reforesting your City Important?


Ask any tree service in Dallas for advice and you will always hear that trees impact your daily life and the quality of life for all living beings. Trees block and absorb sound, reducing noise by up to 40%. In addition, homes landscaped with trees usually sell a lot more quickly. Also, trees provide annual savings of over $9 million through energy conservation in Dallas. All of these are very good reasons for you to consider reforesting as one of the best things you can do for your community!

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Reforesting your city is very important for numerous different reasons. However, you need to consult with authorities about how and when you can do it. Make sure to get in contact with your local arborists to get needed help and guidance about planting trees on public property. Refer to the urban forest plan and even to your city planner to get a better understanding of what is good for your city!

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