5 Small Shade Tress For New Braunfels

Small shade trees that are native to South Texas can be found in other parts of the country as well. However, the soil and climate in New Braunfels make certain trees more likely to succeed in the environment. In this article, we will talk about small hade trees for New Braunfels, their characteristics, maintenance, and how you can benefit from planting one in your backyard. 

Keep reading to find out more about fast growing trees in South Texas! 

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Shade Trees for New Braunfels – Small and Beautiful

1. Mexican Ash

Mexican ash is a small, round-topped tree with brown bark and short trunk. It has a rounded crown and wide-spreading branches. Bright-green to gray-green deciduous leaves are pinnately compound. The tree holds leaves longer than other ashes and leaves usually come out earlier. It grows pretty fast, so it is ideal for urban areas. 

The tree usually grows 30-50 feet in height and prefers sandy, clay, or lime soils. The flowers are unisexual, and the tree requires medium watering while it is still young. It’s considered a long-living tree by many tree services Texas, giving you another reason to opt for this one when thinking about fast growing trees in South Texas! 

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2. Desert Willow 

Desert willow is a small shade tree often with twisting, leaning trunk and spreading, open crown. Leaves are light green, willow-like, and deciduous. The flower is purple or dark pink, usually with yellow or white and purple streaks within the throat. The violet-scented flowers are replaced by slender seedpods by early autumn. 

It grows up to 40 feet in ideal conditions and mostly blooms heaviest May to June. It doesn’t require that much water, but full sun is definitely preferred. Moist soils are always better, but the tree will tolerate drought too. Well-draining, limestone soils are preferred, but the tree can also thrive in loams, sandy, rocky, and clay soils. 

3. Wax Myrtle


Wax myrtle is a small evergreen tree, sometimes also categorized as a shrub. It is usually multi-trunked and has light olive-green foliage with a spicy fragrance. Female plants produce pale blue berries during the winter. This popular ornamental tree is usually used for landscaping, hedges, and screens, which is why it is considered one of the best small shade trees for New Braunfels.

This tree falls into a category of very small trees, growing only up to 20 feet in height in ideal conditions. Regular irrigation is required for the tree to thrive. Legginess and height can be maintained with a line trimmer. If you want to maintain a tree’s shape, keep In mind to prune annually. Full sun to part shade and wet soil, well-draining soil are optimal conditions for this tree to develop properly. 

4. Green Ash

Green ash has a soft, pyramidal shape when it is young. However, this deciduous tree develops an upright spreading habit as it matures. Crown shape ranges from symmetrical, round-topped, to somewhat unsightly and irregular. It has pretty big leaves, up to 8 inches long, that provide enough shade for you and your family to hide in during hot summer months. If you consult with a tree service New Braunfels, you will probably find out that green ash is one of the more popular varieties in the area. 

In optimal conditions, this tree can reach about 50 feet in height. It prefers full sun to part shade and moist, wet, and acidic soil. The tree is cold tolerant and has high CaCO3 tolerance too. This one is usually recommended when it comes to fast growing trees in South Texas.

5. Chinquapin Oak

Chinquapin oak is a tree with scaly bark and smooth, gray twigs that change their color to brown sometimes. This oak has really long leaves with the widest part nearer the apex. Attractive dark green leaves have a shiny, glossy texture that can be a great addition to your landscape. This deciduous tree unisexual flowers and produces small nuts that are not recommended for consumption.  

The tree grows up to 50 feet tall in optimal conditions. Medium water use is recommended while the plant is still young, but make sure to provide full sun to part shade for proper development. Rocky and sandy soils are preferred, but the tree seems dependent upon soil type and a pH above 6.0.

Local Tree Experts Overview

A planting spot is the first thing you want to think about before you actually decide what tree you’re going to plant. Do the measurements and determine whether your choice can fit on your lot. Then, refer to this article and chose one among these shade trees for New Braunfels. Consult with your local arborist to get help with planting, maintaining, and caring for your new tree. Once everything is set, you will be free to enjoy your new tree!

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