5 Small Trees For Corpus Christi

Trees come in many different sizes, from dwarf fruit trees and medium-sized flowering varieties to towering oaks. If you need something that would be just perfect for a small patio, there are many choices available. 

To select the ideal species for your Corpus Christi home, find out exactly how big your yard is, then look for trees that do well in this area. We have listed below several small trees for Corpus Christi that would look great in tight spaces with minimal maintenance. Read on!

Small Trees For Corpus Christi: 5 Popular Species To Spruce Up Your Garden

A number of small trees have been found to thrive in Corpus Christi. Here are the best five:

1. Desert Willow

Desert willow is a favorite of many homeowners in Corpus Christi and for a good reason; it is heat resistant and continues to flourish even in the long, hot, oppressive summers. The tree grows up to 20 feet tall, which makes it perfect for people with smaller compounds. 

Desert willows not only rank among the best Corpus Christi small trees but are also considered some of the best flowering trees for Texas.  They produce beautiful, pink flowers in the spring that attract bees, butterflies, and other insects until fall. Since the flowers emanate from the growth of a new branch, it is important to prune the tree regularly to accelerate the process. And there are many tree pruning Corpus Christi services that can help with this. 

2. Mexican Olive 

Looking for something that blooms practically all year round? Try Mexican olive. This shrub can produce flowers the entire year depending on the weather. The flowers are white in color with yellow throats, and due to their showy nature, Mexican olives are often used as ornamentals in Corpus Christi. 

Mexican olive is evergreen and when growth conditions are right, the tree matures to a height of 20 feet with a spread of about 15 feet. Once established, the tree is very drought-resistant and can survive without irrigation for a long time. 

3. Texas Mountain Laurel


Texas mountain laurels are known for their hanging clusters of purple blooms that look just as good as they smell. You can plant them as ornamental shrubs but with proper pruning, the trees can slowly be shaped into small to medium-sized multi-trunked trees. 

These trees are naturally adapted to high temperatures, which makes them suitable for Corpus Christi. They reach 15 feet in height and spread about 10 feet wide. The purple flowers they produce start to fade in summer, paving way for fuzzy, small tan-colored seed pods. In the pods are small, orange seeds that have been found to be poisonous, but then their pods and coats are relatively hard to crack. 

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4. Honey Mesquite

A graceful Mexican native, honey mesquite is a shrub that has been used to decorate homes in Corpus Christi for many years. It matures to a height of between 20 and 30 feet with an open crown that spreads up to 30 feet wide. Honey mesquite loses all its foliage in the winter and sprouts again at the beginning of spring. Showy creamy white blooms appear in the spring, which later give rise to long, tan seedpods in summer. 

When the tree is about four years old, it starts to bear fruits that are eaten and dispersed by antelopes, deer, javelin, turkeys, squirrels, and rodents. This is one of the Corpus Christi small trees that can be used both for screening and for shade. It is highly heat-tolerant and thrives best in well-drained soils. 

5. Sweet Acacia

Sweet acacia is not a very common landscaping tree probably because of its sharp spines. However, homeowners willing to give it a shot will be rewarded with stunning, bright yellow flowers whose fragrance is known worldwide and even used in the perfume industry. These flowers appear in clusters either toward the end of winter or at the beginning of spring. 

Sweet acacia will not grow any taller or wider than 20 feet. It prefers full sun and well-drained soils and is relatively easy to maintain. Birds love its seeds and the spines have been found to keep would-be predators at bay. Planting two specimens together will provide sufficient shade in your yard. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview 

Corpus Christi, like any other part of Texas experiences high temperatures in summer, hence trees that grow here must be completely heat-tolerant and naturally adapted to dry conditions. If you are looking for trees for tight spaces, go for shrubs and dwarf varieties that grow less than 30 feet. 

We are positive that with our list of small trees for Corpus Christi, you will find something just right for your yard. Just make sure to care for the trees regularly. And have a professional tree service Texas company examine the trees one in a while to keep them in good shape.

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