6 Best Trees To Plant In Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi poses a challenge to gardeners and landscapers when it comes to planting trees and maintaining them. High temperatures, strong winds, salt sprays, and other adverse factors can make it very difficult to grow trees in this area. 

The best trees to plant in Corpus Christi, therefore, would be those that are naturally adapted to these environmental factors. We have discussed a few of them here to get you started. 

6 Best Trees To Plant In Corpus Christi Homes And Commercial Properties

The right trees can transform a once dull landscape into a vibrant, exotic paradise. The following Corpus Christi trees are well suited for this Texas area and will add life to your property with minimal maintenance.

1. Afghan Pine 

Originally from Afghanistan, Afghan pine is a great option for homeowners looking for durable species. It is a tough tree that has been found to endure the harsh environmental conditions experienced in Corpus Christi. The tree’s tolerance to heat, drought, wind, and arid conditions also makes it one of the best trees for West Texas

The height of a mature Afghan pine is usually between 25 and 60 feet, with a canopy spread of between 20 and 40 feet. You can use it for screens and windbreaks or plant it as a specimen for shade. This evergreen tree prefers full sun and will thrive best in well-drained soils. 

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2. Cottonwood 

Cottonwoods are gigantic trees that have been grown in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas for many years. You can spot them from a distance by their wide, white trunks. They have radiant, bright green leaves that turn brilliant yellow in the autumn. 

You will need a little bit of space, however, to plant a cottonwood, as the tree can grow up to 100 feet high and spread just as wide. But the deep shade it rewards you with when the summers get unbearably hot will be all worth it. This tree grows really fast, sometimes up to 7 feet high every year. 

3. Crape Myrtle 

If you are looking for something that blooms, then you can’t go wrong with the crape myrtle. This one ranks among the best flowering trees for Texas and has been found to do pretty well in the Corpus Christi area. The showy, summer blooms topped up with stunning fall colors make crape myrtles year-round landscape performers. 

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Crape myrtles love sunny locations with well-drained soils. The standard single and multi-trunk trees will grow to 30 feet in height and about 15 feet wide. There are also smaller (semi-dwarf) varieties that range between 10 to 15 feet in height, and shrub varieties 3 to 7 feet tall. 

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4. Live Oak

Another tree that will give your property the much-needed shade during summer is the live oak. This is a majestic tree whose crown can max out up to 150 feet in diameter when the growth conditions are right. On average though, a live oak spreads about 70 feet wide, with a height of 60 feet. 

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Live oaks are heat, wind, and drought-tolerant, which makes them one of the best Corpus Christi trees. They are, however, susceptible to oak wilt, a very common tree disease in Texas. Have a tree service Corpus Christi professional check your oaks regularly to keep them healthy. This will help prevent infestation by insects that transmit the oak wilt disease

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5. Anacua

Anacua is an evergreen or partly deciduous tree that produces white fragrant blooms in warm weather. It normally grows to a height of 40 feet and spreads 30 feet wide, which adds it to the list of trees suitable for tight spaces. The tree prefers full sun and is highly-tolerant to drought and dry conditions. 

Toward the end of summer, anacua trees produce small, sweet fruits that are consumed by both humans and wildlife. While the tree flourishes in well-drained sandy loam, it has been found to do exceptionally well in alluvial soils that sometimes it is mistaken for live oak. 

6. Elms

Elms are majestic trees that will add glamor to any Corpus Christi landscape. They are a great source of shade and beauty and depending on the variety, you can have an elm growing up to 120 feet high and 100 feet wide. 

Elms prefer full sun and well-drained soils and adapt well to hot and dry conditions. However, like live oaks, you will need to have a tree service Texas company check your elms regularly to prevent Dutch elm disease, one of the ailments killing elms today. 

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Picking the right tree is the first step to achieving the lustrous greenery every landscaper seeks. We have listed the best trees to plant in Corpus Christi to help you make the right selection. Whether you are looking for shade, beauty, or just to add some life to your home, these trees will help you meet your specific needs.

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