How To Protect Sugar Land Trees From Pests And Diseases

Trees are regarded as an essential element of urban infrastructure and garden landscapes today. In an attempt to keep the city green, over 20,000 new native trees are planted every year in the Houston area. Sugar Land is a multiple winner of the Tree City USA award, but there are a few Sugar Land tree pests that may negatively impact the trees in the area. 

In this article, we will talk about Sugar Land tree diseases and pests. Read on to find out how you can protect your precious trees and prolong their lives. 

Sugar Land Tree Pests and Diseases – Common Varieties

1. Destroy Webworms

Webworm, also known as tent caterpillar, is a pesky bug that can be dealt with using simple homemade remedies. These pests enjoy a variety of trees, including pecan and mulberry that are frequently found in the Sugar Land area. They multiply very quickly and the colony will reach thousands in just a matter of weeks. Prevention is the key to stopping webworms from destroying your trees.

You can remove these with a water hose or a homemade soap spray. Still, established and mature trees are able to withstand numerous caterpillars devouring their leaves. However, newly planted sapling or week, damaged trees can suffer irreparable damage and leave the tree more susceptible to other tree diseases Texas. It is always recommended to consult with your local tree service Texas if you have problems with Sugar Land tree pests.  

2. Prevent Oak Wilt

Oak trees are easily spotted all over Texas, but especially in suburban areas such as Sugar Land. Here, all types of oak trees are commonly found and are one of the favorite species. However, oak trees are very susceptible to some Sugar Land tree diseases, with oak wilt being the number one enemy. This deadly tree fungus Texas has the potential to destroy a huge number of trees in a short period of time. It kills thousands of oaks each year in gardens, woodlands, and forests, so quick intervention by some of the tree services Sugar Land is absolutely necessary. 

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Prevention is the key to stopping oak wilt from completely destroying the tree. Still, it is very difficult to treat the disease, especially since it spreads very easily when it is established. Thus, preventing it from taking hold in the first place is very important. The fungus is less likely to spread if you delay pruning until after the spring. Cutting off branches leaves wounds where spores from the fungus may enter, so be careful. 

3. Remove Dead Wood 


Pests usually make their homes inside the dead wood. Well-timed pruning is another essential element in the maintenance of healthy trees. By pruning regularly and on time, you will deter pests, but also allow for new growth by removing dead branches. Pruning is also essential for safety reasons if a tree is blocking a thoroughfare or overhanging the sidewalk. Weak and stressed trees are more vulnerable to Sugar Land tree diseases and pests, so if you prune them regularly, you will remove most of their homes and they won’t be able to reproduce further. 

Keep in mind that you will be prompted to trim your trees if you are a Sugar Land resident and the Land’s Public Works Department determines it’s time for trimming. 

4. Protect Your Trees from Termites

Termites are wood-destroying pests that will certainly get into your house if you don’t get rid of them on time. You will know that an infestation is imminent if you experience winged termites in your garden in the spring. Termites use mud tubes for traveling to and from their food source, so keep your eyes on these. Check your floors, ceilings, and walls to see if the termites are in your home. 

Consult with your local arborist to get advice on how to get rid of termites. 

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5. Eliminate Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Bacterial leaf scorch is an infectious disease transmitted by insects that feed on the water-conducting system. Eventually, the bacteria will colonize and clog the system, stopping the water from getting to every part of the tree. The tree will look as if it needs water, and you may keep irrigating it, but without positive results. It might be easier to notice the symptoms on shade trees Texas, due to their size. 

Band of brown around the outer edges of the leaves is a good sign of bacterial leaf scorch. If the tree is left untreated, the symptoms will reoccur each year, eventually killing the tree, so consult with your local arborist. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

Sugar Land tree pests and diseases are sometimes deadly or very damaging to a tree. We recommend you to contact your local tree service as soon as you notice some of the symptoms in this article. Your arborist may be able to help you save the tree from certain death. 

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