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The most popular shade trees found in the back or front yards of homes and businesses in Texas are definitely oak trees. They provide excellent shade and are aesthetically pleasing for all kinds of urban areas. But, oak trees can become susceptible to deadly diseases unfortunately. This is why treating oak wilt is always a popular topic for residents. This fungal disease affects the vascular system of a tree by stopping the water flow in the tree’s vessels. 

It is always better to recognize early signs and a professional Texas tree service can help you with that and with a healthy oak wilt treatment. Keep reading to learn more about the Oak Wilt and how to quickly treat this fungal disease!

Treating Oak Wilt – Symptoms and Remedy 

The most common way your tree can contract oak wilt is through root to root contact with other trees, sap beetle carrying the fungal spore, or occasional root grafting. Both the live and the red oak trees have the same symptoms, so treating oak wilt will also be the same for both varieties. New leaves on red oak usually have a pale green color, but they turn into a deep green color after some time. Once the leaves get older you might notice that they are oily. 

The look of the veins will also change without a proper oak wilt treatment. First, they turn yellow, then brown, and if left untreated, the leaves will develop tip burn. Make sure to contact your local arborist if you notice any of these symptoms. Tree services in Forth Worth is usually able to save a tree if the symptoms are recognized on time. The tree will have to be tested first to determine whether it is infected. Depending on the test results and the severity of the disease, your tree will either be healed or removed entirely. However, treating oak wilt with fungicide injections is always a solution, and you can even do it preventively.

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Q: How do you treat oak wilt?

A: Usually, trees are injected with a systemic fungicide to treat oak wilt. However, you will have to consult with a professional arborist about the right product for your tree. Then, just inject the fungicide into the root flares. This is usually done as a preventative treatment and it can protect your tree for a couple of years. 

Q: How much does it cost to treat oak wilt?

A: Oak wilt treatment will cost as much as the fungicide you need to buy costs. Also, you can add to that arborist consultation which will also vary. Usually, the annually allotted oak wilt injection costs about $1,000 and you can always find cheaper or more expensive options when it comes to arborists. 

Q: How can you tell if oak is Wilt?

A: Pale green color of new leaves that later turn dark green with water soaking symptoms is the most common symptom. You might notice these symptoms only on a single branch at first, but it will quickly engulf the entire tree if left untreated. React fast as it only takes about 4-6 weeks for a tree to die from oak wilt. 

Q: Do white oaks get oak wilt?

A: White oaks as well as bur oaks can also get oak wilt, but the symptoms in these varieties develop slowly and they are less susceptible to the disease. On the other hand, pin and red oaks are very susceptible and the symptoms develop very fast in them leading to death if left untreated. 

Q: How common is oak wilt?

A: Oak wilt is considered a common fungal disease, especially in areas with wet spring weather like in Fort Worth. This exotic disease is causing an increased level of mortality in all types of oaks. The disease can also spread very fast so immediate treatment is absolutely necessary in order to save a tree from certain death. 

Q: How do you get rid of oak tree fungus?

A:  Apply a benomyl-containing fungicide to keep your trees free from the fungus that causes oak wilt. The waxy leaf surface needs some coverage, so it is always recommended to use a wetting agent when applying the fungicide. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional to do this for you as the process can sometimes be difficult. 

Tree Service Removal Overview

Oak wilt is a fungus disease that will kill your tree in just a few weeks if left untreated. This is why recognizing the symptoms of the disease is very important in the early stages of development. If you notice new leaves having a pale green color that starts turning dark green or bronze, don’t hesitate to contact your local arborist to check your tree. The arborist will do some tests and if it is determined that your tree has oak wilt, a fungicide will be injected to help with the treatment.

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