Tree Leaves Turning Brown In Fort Worth

So you’ve been doing all that needs to be done to keep your oak healthy but its leaves just won’t stop turning brown! And you are now wondering, “What on earth would make the leaves of a tree turn from lively green to brown?”

Well, as with all trees in Fort Worth, there are a good number of factors that can lead to oak trees leaves turning brown, some being the least expected.

Let’s find out more!

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Reasons For Oak Trees Leaves Turning Brown

Perhaps you are asking yourself, “Why does my oak tree have brown leaves?” The reason for oak trees leaves turning brown could be any the following: 

1. Not Watering It Enough 

Not only oak trees, but if you are worried about other tree species in your yard too say, for instance, your pecan tree leaves turning brown, it could be that you are not watering your tree sufficiently. Majority of these trees cannot stand drought and if they do, the leaves start turning brown.

2. Soil Nutrients Deficiency

Even if your oak is planted in poor soil, you can boost the soil with fertilizers and the growth of the tree will be fantastic. However, if nothing is done and the soil nutrients are not able to support the growth of the tree, your oak will start showing signs of dying which includes dry brown leaves.

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3. Tree Disease

Your tree could be suffering from a fungus infection, one of the most common tree ailments in Fort Worth. This could be the simple reason to oak or pecan tree leaves turning brown. At this point, seeking help from a professional tree service Fort Worth company could be the best move.

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What Are The Signs Of A Dying Oak Tree?

The signs of a dying oak tree include:

4. Rotten Barks

Rotten barks are spongy and normally peel off of the tree. This is a sign that your tree is not only sick but slowly dying.

5. Damaged Stem

A damaged stem comprises of weak and dry branches as well as cracked and rotten barks. Have an expert check it right away. 

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Why Are Tree Leaves Turning Brown?

Tree leaves turning brown can be triggered by several things such as:

6. Too much sunlight

Tree leaves deserve sunlight; we agree, but too much of it can be toxic in this perspective: – If the tree has not been receiving enough water for a long time, it could become stressed making it vulnerable to damage by harsh weather. As a result, it may not be able to withstand scorching sun.

7. Too much fertilizer

They say too much of anything is poisonous and similarly, too much fertilizer on your tree could be causing more harm than good.  Always make sure you are administering the right amount.

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Why Is My Oak Tree Dying?


The reason why your oak tree is dying is probably because of the following:

  • Temperature changes.
  • Pest and insects infestation. 
  • Damage by lightning.
  • Rotten and decayed roots which may slow the growth of the tree and eventually die.
  • Human activities such as construction near or around the tree may weaken it and contribute to its death. 

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If a tree cannot be saved, the only way to ensure the safety of your property would be to cut down the tree and you can contract any tree removal Texas service for the job.

Tree Service Removal Overview

Trees need constant care; there is always something that needs to be done to ensure that they keep going and growing. You will probably find it exhausting thus, having a tree expert that you can trust is always a wise idea. Having your trees checked regularly will not only keep them healthy but also prevent their leaves from browning.

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