How To Stop Waco Tree Pests And Diseases

There are numerous tree diseases in Texas that have been hindering homeowners’ efforts to achieve healthy greenery. Gardeners in Waco, like those in other parts of Texas, are always looking for ways to curb tree pests and diseases to try increase the chances of survival of their best-loved tree species. 

The bad news is Waco tree pests and diseases are on the rise; the only way to stop them is to focus on prevention rather than reacting to them when they attack. Our streamlined pest and disease management approach saves you money that could be spent on unnecessary chemicals and gets you enjoying a healthier environment. Keep reading!

3 Foolproof Ways To Prevent Waco Tree Pests And Diseases 

Preventing Waco tree diseases and pests involves a couple of things – proper tree planting, care, and monitoring. It is something you can do yourself but if you have a bigger tree garden, we advise hiring one of the certified tree services Waco companies for the job.  

1. Frequent Monitoring 

Regularly monitoring your trees will help prevent some of the deadliest tree fungus in Texas from invading your Waco property. Monitoring enables you to detect the pests early before the populations get higher and more difficult to eradicate. 

Let’s say you are monitoring for signs of the mountain pine beetle, for instance. The best time to do this would be in winter. If you see pitch tubes on the trunk, cut a small piece of the bark off and check whether the wood underneath has changed its color to bluish-gray. If so, the tree must be cut down to avoid the spread of the infection to healthy trees. This would best be done by a professional tree removal Texas service. 

2. Good Tree Care Practices 

There are plenty of things you can do to stop Waco tree diseases and pests just by applying good care and maintenance practices. For instance, keeping the area around the base of the tree clean will help prevent the breeding of the fungus that causes root rot, one of the diseases affecting the majority of shade trees in Texas

Also, watering the trees properly throughout the year will make the drought-stressed trees less vulnerable to damage.  Have a thick layer of mulch around the base to retain moisture and hinder the growth of weed. And provide extra care to young trees and those that have suffered damage.

3. Plant Properly 

Plant trees that are more pest and disease resistant and make sure you are planting at the right place. Planting the wrong trees at the wrong place will only stress the tree to a point of making it a target for pests and diseases. And lastly, plant different varieties. That way, if one species is attacked, you will still have something left. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview

The secret to stopping Waco tree pests and diseases is planting the right trees and giving them the care they deserve. Regular tree maintenance will help you spot diseases early and take action before things get out of hand. This is something you can do on your own, but if more drastic measures are required, enlist the services of an expert. 

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