Best Fruit Trees That Grow In Dallas Texas

Having an orchard makes your farm look healthy. Not only that; it increases the value of your property, improves privacy, and provides a host of health and environmental benefits.

If you are looking to start an orchard in your Dallas property, you will want to find out what works best in this Texas area, in order to get the most out of your fruit garden. Good news? This post tells you all you need to know about the type of fruit trees that grow in Dallas Texas. Let’s dive in!

6 Types of Fruit Trees That Grow In Dallas Texas

Knowing how generous the soil in this area can be, you may be wondering, “What fruit grows well in Dallas Texas?”  The fruits that grow well in Texas are:

1. Apples

Apples are among the most popular fruit trees for north Texas, with the red apples doing the best in Dallas. They flourish in the month of July all the way to November.

2. Figs

Fig trees love Dallas soil. In fact, they are among the best trees to plant in Dallas. Not only will they provide you with delicious fruits during summer but also keep your Dallas landscape all glammed up, as they are able to stand the heat during drought. 

However, if fig trees are not well taken care of, the winter season really does pin them down and puts them at risk of dying. Have one of the tree service Dallas companies check your tree regularly during winter to make sure it doesn’t succumb to the cold. 

3. Pears

A good number of pears species do well in Dallas because they are not affected by fire blight, a very common tree disease in Dallas. However, Bartlett, a rare pears species, is highly vulnerable to this ailment, hence not a good option if you want some pears in your orchard.

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4. Berries

Dallas is specifically known as the home of black berries. They really do well in the soil here, provided the drainage is good. However, with very close supervision other types of berries can also be grown here; think cranberries, raspberries blue berries…the list is endless.

5. Grapes

Did you know that north Texas ranks among the greatest producers of grapes for wines in the U.S? Yup! Grapes do extremely well in Dallas especially in the months of August through October.

6. Pomegranate

Famously known to bear the scorching sun and drought, pomegranate are classified among the best fruit trees for north Texas. Pomegranate fruit trees resemble large shrubs when mature and bear large beautiful blossoms that are followed by massive harvest of big orange pomegranate fruits.

Can Lemon Trees Grow In Dallas?


Yes, lemon trees do grow very well in Dallas. However, they don’t love cold weather; making the winter seasons their worst enemy. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should go buying lemons when you can grow yours at home. You can plant your lemon tree in a pot! That way, you can shift it when the winter season kicks in. 

Also, consider introducing the tree to your orchard when the winter is approaching the end. This will give it a chance to grow and mature in favorable climatic conditions. i.e. spring and summer; lemon trees’ favorite seasons.

Tree Service Removal Overview

Fruit trees that grow in Dallas Texas give homeowners a two in one package; a beautiful home and a healthy diet. And, knowing the best trees to have in your orchard is where it all starts. But that’s not all. Having a tree service Texas company that checks your orchard one in a while will also help ensure that your fruits grow in a healthy manner.

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