Signs And How To Treat Wood Borers In Trees In Fort Worth

Wood borers are some of the most lethal insects that can invade your tree. They cause a serious damage to the tree that can ultimately lead to its death. Unfortunately, there are numerous wood borers in Fort Worth that target fruit trees, shade trees, and dwarf tree varieties. 

In this post, we tell you the most common signs of borers in trees and how to treat them to keep your tree in good shape. 

Why Do Borers Attack Trees?

Borers attack trees because either the tree is weak or stressed, lowering its ability to fight pests’ infestation. Like all insect pests, borers will only attack weak trees that are prone to diseases and insects’ invasion. 

Pests do not attack healthy trees. So if an infestation has occurred, look for any sources of stress and try to rectify that first. Usually, trees get stressed after harsh weather like long winter, storm, or very dry atmospheric conditions. 

If your tree exhibits leaf discoloration or withering or if the leaves start to fall off after exacting weather, it could be signs that it is stressed. It is this kind of stress that makes trees vulnerable to wood borers, so get a professional tree service Fort Worth company and have your tree checked before it is too late. 

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Signs Of Wood Borers In Trees

If you just planted trees in your home, you may want to know, “What does borer damage look like?”

Well, the signs of wood borers in trees include:

  1. Fresh exit holes in the trunk. Usually, the holes are oval or round shaped with sharp edges and often appear fresh and clean.
  2. Tunnels in the stem or branches, which are often not easy to see. 
  3. Bore dust around the bottom of the infested tree, usually caused by emerging adult beetles.
  4. Dead beetles around the infested tree.
  5. Tiny eggs near the infested tree. Although these can be of different sizes depending on the beetle, borer eggs are usually hard to see with the naked eye. 

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How Do I Get Rid Of Wood Borers In My Trees?

To treat borers in your trees, spray the entire stem and branches of the tree that has been infested using products that contain endusulfan, lindane, or chlorpyrifos. But how to treat borers in trees will also depend on the amount of damage done by the insects. 

You see, borer insects attack the inner core of the tree, eating the plant’s tissue and cells that transport water and nutrients throughout the tree’s structure. If the damage is not extreme, spraying can help save the tree. However, if the tree already appears unhealthy, with thinning canopy, or has started drying up, then the only option it to cut it down to avoid putting the surrounding trees and plants in danger. There are plenty of tree removal Texas services that can help you cut down the tree and treat the area to protect the neighboring healthy plants. 

How Do I Get Rid Of Tree Borers In Australia?


Getting rid of borers in Australia is no different from how it is done in Fort Worth or any other part of the world. As we stated, pesticides containing endusulfan, lindane, or chlorpyrifos can help get the job done. However, the best way how to treat borers in trees is to prevent your trees from getting stressed in the first place by:

  • Mulching the areas beneath the trees.
  • Applying organic fertilizer to the root zones of the trees.
  • Keeping the trees hydrated by watering them regularly and especially during the dry season.
  • If a tree is injured or damaged in any way, make sure to have it checked right away to avoid infestations and diseases.

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Tree Service Removal Overview

Borers can be a nightmare for tree owners and can cause severe damage and, sometimes, even death to a tree. Always make sure your trees are in good health by watering them regularly, applying mulching and organic fertilizers, and treating injuries promptly. If your tree is showing signs of borer insect infestation, have an expert check it immediately. They will be able to determine the extent of the damage and administer the most appropriate treatment.

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