10 Signs Of A Sick And Dying Tree In Fort Worth

A nice shade, scattered blossoming flowers and a cold breeze are a great therapeutic combination. And the most underrated members of the eco system are responsible for this; trees.  

Not paying enough attention to trees could be draining them and they may not be able to serve their purpose, which begs the question, “What are the signs of sick tree in Fort Worth?”

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10 Signs Of Sick Tree In Fort Worth

Apart from a dry stem and leaves, there are several things that could tell you when your tree is sick and dying. Here are a few.

1. Leaves Dropping off 

We can all agree that tree leaves will sometimes just drop off depending on the season. However, unusual dropping should be a wakeup call that your tree is not doing so good.

2. Withered and discolored leaves

Have you noticed a change in color of the leaves or do they look withered and unhealthy? Well, these could be signs of a dying tree and immediate action should be taken.

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3. Dead and dry branches

A healthy tree has no reason to have dry woods. Hence, if you notice a dry branch on your tree that is definitely a red flag.

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4. Pests and insects

As tiny as they are, they can be very destructive. If you happen to spot some around or on the tree, then something that is not so good is cooking.

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5. Decayed or damaged roots

Are you wondering how this is even visible? Well, in some instances you can be able to see the area at the bottom where the roots begin going downwards. Try studying that part of your tree to see if it is fairing as it should be.

6. Noticeable change on the tree bark

Take a closer look; is the bark of your tree falling off, peeling, or does it feel strangely spongy? A change on the bark is one of the first signs of a dying tree, so have the tree checked.

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7. Dry and cracked soil around the roots

The soil around your tree should not be dry leave alone cracked. This automatically indicates that your tree is not getting enough water. Yes, you know what that is; a time bomb, your tree is slowly dying from the inside.

8. Hollow or cracked parts on the tree trunk

Some cracks on the tree trunk can be considered normal. However, if they are too deep or they appear hollow, then they could be signs of sick tree. 

9. Fungi or mushroom growth at the base of the tree

If you notice fungi growing at the base of the tree, then this indicates that the roots of the tree are decaying and will eventually die. It’s time to act.

10. The tree suddenly starts leaning

It is sometimes normal for some species of trees to lean. However, if the leaning is sudden and more than 20% vertically, that is a warning that something is wrong.

How Do You Treat A Sick Tree?


You treat a sick tree by spraying all the parts; roots, trunk, branches and leaves at least once a month.

However, don’t use toxic chemicals or fertilizers on it.  This could damage its ability to resist pests and diseases. Also, make sure you aerate the area around the roots often because just like any other living thing, they need to breathe.

How Do You Tell If A Tree Has A Disease?

You can tell a tree has a disease if you notice spots or unusual discoloration of the leaves. Are the barks of the tree peeling off? Well, this could also be a sign that your tree is not well and needs to be attended to, else it will die.  

But hey! All is not lost. There are lots of tree services Texas companies that can help you treat your tree and get it back to life.

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Can A Sick Tree Be Saved?

Yes, a sick tree can be saved by first identifying the problem. For this, you can talk to a professional arborist and they will help you out. Also be careful with the amount of water; too much or too little can be harmful to your tree.

Tree service removal overview

After all is said and done, sadly there are some instances where tree removal is considered. For instance, when the soil system around the tree is disturbed by human activities like excavation, construction or any other activity that may expose the roots to damage and eventually the death of the tree with time.

In such a case, there isn’t much to be done rather than to save the tree by cutting it down. Removal is also considered if the tree is damaged beyond repair and cutting it down is the only way to save it.

Does it feeling like too much hassle already? Worry not! Just contact a professional tree removal Fort Worth service and they will do it all for you.

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