Most Common Amarillo Tree Pests And Diseases

There is a significant increase in the number of pests and diseases attacking trees in Amarillo, Texas, some with devastating consequences. Most of these diseases occur after a severe weather condition, usually due to a compromise in the tree’s immune system.

Good tree maintenance, however, can help keep trees healthy and minimize the likelihood of attacks by pests and diseases. Here, we look at the two most common Amarillo tree pests and diseases and how to prevent them. 

2 Amarillo Tree Pests And Diseases That Gardeners Should Be Aware Of

Some Amarillo tree diseases can be deadly while others will merely be noticed. Contact a professional tree service Amarillo company if you suspect your tree has the following ailments:

1. Dutch Elm Disease

While elms are some of the best trees for Amarillo, they are susceptible to Dutch elm, a disease that has killed thousands of elm species in the region. The Dutch elm disease is caused by fungal pathogens and occurs throughout Texas. The fungus can be spread by elm bark beetles or through root grafts. 

The earliest symptoms are the yellowing and withering of leaves, often caused by the death of the branches. Eventually, the foliage turns brown, curls up, and drops off. This disease progresses quickly and can kill a tree pretty fast. However, the rate at which it spreads within a tree depends on the vulnerability of the tree; some trees will die a few months after they have been infected while others may take years to die. 

Despite being one of the most common tree fungus in Texas, no cure has been found for the Dutch elm disease, but if caught early, it can be controlled by fungicides. The surest way to completely keep it at bay is to maintain healthy trees, and any tree service Texas expert can help you with this.  

2. Oak Wilt 

Amarillo is home to different varieties of oaks; live, red, and white. Unfortunately, all these varieties are susceptible to oak wilt, one of the deadliest tree diseases in Texas. Like Dutch elm disease, oak wilt is caused by a fungal pathogen often transported by beetles that feed on the tree’s bark. 

The fungus grows and breeds in the water conductive tissues, clogging them, and hindering the efficient transportation of water to the leaves. As a result, the leaves start to wither, then turn brown, and eventually fall off. This often causes the death of the tree. 

Of all Amarillo tree diseases, this one is the most destructive, as it can kill a tree in less than a month. It has no treatment, hence the best way to prevent it would be to make sure your trees are not vulnerable to the disease by keeping them healthy. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview

Most Amarillo tree pests and diseases can be effectively managed if spotted early. Some like the Dutch elm and oak wilt, however, are quite deadly and you want to keep your trees’ immunity in tiptop condition so that such diseases won’t sneak up on you. You can do your tree care yourself or enlist the services of a tree expert.

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