Best Trees For Wichita Falls

Texans share a strong relationship with their trees. Whether they’re being used for some desperately needed August shade, climbing, or for stunning landscapes, trees are always valued in the state. In addition, we are lucky that our climate permits planting all kinds of trees. In this article, we will talk about the best trees for Wichita Falls and how you can maximize their potential!

Keep reading to find out more about Wichita Falls trees, their characteristics, and development!

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Best Trees for Wichita Falls – Popular Varieties

1. Bur Oak

Bur oak is a large tree with a short body and heavy branches that form an open, spreading crown of dark green foliage. In nature, it thrives along streams or hillsides. Also, it is widely planted as a landscape North Texas tree

At maturity, Bur oak can reach up to 80 feet in height. It is adaptable to different types of soils but prefers full sun and regular watering while in development. 

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2. Cedar Elm

Cedar elm is another very large tree with a tall, straight trunk and stiff branches that form a narrow, oblong crown. It is one of the most popular elm trees in the area, usually found near streams or on dry limestone hills in nature. Tree services Wichita Falls recommend it for landscaping, but it is widely used as a shade tree in Dallas area. 

It can reach up to 75 feet tall at maturity. Full sun to part-shade is just fine, just make sure you provide the right type of soil for it. Regular irrigation is recommended until the roots are established. 

3. Chinese Pistache

Chinese pistache is a medium-sized, ornamental, landscape tree. Its branch structure often develops co-dominant leaders and is quite irregular. Usually, this tree is planted for its brilliant fall color and unique leaves that add a lot to the aesthetics of your landscape. Almost every tree service Texas recommends this tree for planting in Wichita Falls.

Once the roots are established, the tree will start growing up to 40 feet in height. Full sun and well-drained soil are preferred, but the tree is adaptable to different conditions. Chinese pistache is, without a doubt, one of the most popular Wichita Falls trees. 

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4. Chinkapin Oak

Chinkapin oak is a large tree with a single trunk and rounded crown with glossy, green foliage. In nature, this tree is found along the stream courses and in high in the mountains. Its simple, alternate, elliptical leaves are very attractive and one of the reasons why Wichita Falls residents opt for this tree. 

It grows up to 70 feet tall at maturity when planted in the right conditions. Keep in mind that this type of oak produces acorns, so a lot of wildlife is attracted to the tree. 

5. Golden Rain Tree 

Golden rain tree is a deciduous, medium-sized, landscape tree. It is very appreciated among the landscaping communities and valued for its attractive leaves and colors. The leaves are compound, alternating on the twigs with multiple stalked leaflets. 

When the tree is established, it will be able to reach up to 40 feet tall. Full sun and regular watering are required for healthy development and protection from Texas tree diseases

Local Tree Experts Overview

The first thing you want to do before you plant a tree is to choose a perfect planting spot for it. This is where your local arborist can be very helpful, so don’t hesitate to consult with one. Then, you can choose among the best trees for Wichita Falls on our list and pick the right one for you and your landscape!

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