Best Trees For Allen Texas

The secret to achieving healthy landscapes is planting the right trees in the right places. That said, residents of Allen, Texas looking to grow trees in their properties must look for species that will withstand the area’s hot, muggy summers and cold, windy winters. 

Moreover, bearing in mind that this part of Texas has a lot of clay soil, the trees must be naturally adapted to poorly drained environments as well. We have highlighted some of the best trees for Allen to help you choose the most appropriate for your space. 

Best Trees For Allen: 5 Varieties Homeowners Should Consider

While there are many trees that will grow well in Allen, we have picked the following five, as they are more drought-tolerant, easy to maintain, and more resistant to some of the most common tree diseases in Texas

1. Redbud 

Redbud is one of the best Allen trees for homeowners with tight spaces. It grows to about 20 feet tall, with a spread of between 15 and 20 feet. The tree is pretty drought-tolerant and well-adapted to a wide variety of soil types. 

In the spring, redbuds produce pink flower clusters that attract butterflies, bees, and other types of nectar-sucking wildlife. It would be a great choice for gardeners looking for flowering trees to plant in Texas. Come fall, the trees provide stunning foliage color with beautiful shades of yellow. 

2. Southern Magnolia

The Southern magnolia is a common tree in Allen and for a good reason; it is elegant, easy to grow, and adaptable to many soil types. It will keep your home alive with its evergreen leaves all year round and in the spring, the gorgeous fragrant white flowers it produces will keep your home smelling good the entire season. 

A Southern magnolia will grow up to 40 feet in height and about 25 feet wide, with its dark, dense leaves offering great privacy. You may want to avoid planting it in front of your yard if you don’t want to block the view of your home. 

3. Chinquapin Oak


Looking to add some shade to your Allen home? Then a chinquapin oak is one of the trees that should be on top of your list. This moderately-growing tree can reach up to 80 feet high and 70 feet wide, which makes it one of the best shade trees in Texas

The chinquapin oaks prefer better-drained soils near streams and creeks but they readily adapt to a variety of other soil types. And unlike most oak varieties, chinquapin is resistant to oak wilt, (a tree fungus that has killed thousands of oaks in Texas), so you will likely not spend money on expensive tree service Allen companies for regular maintenance. 

4. Chinese Pistache 

The Chinese Pistache is considered one of the most beautiful, disease-tolerant, and easily maintained trees on the market today. It is one of the best Allen trees to plant in urban neighborhoods, and near walkways and driveways because it’s deep roots won’t lift the concrete. This tree is also drought and pollution-resistant and can easily adapt to poor soils. 

The mature height and width of a Chinese Pistache is about 35 feet, which makes it perfect for yards of all sizes. If you provide it with the right growth conditions, the tree will reward you with gorgeous bright green leaves that will turn into different shades of red and orange in the fall. If properly pollinated, a Chinese Pistache will produce an abundance of brilliant red berries that will turn dark purple in the winter. 

5. Cedar Elm

The cedar elm has long been a favorite of landscapers in Allen due to its ability to tolerate a variety of soil and weather conditions. Featuring vibrant, dark-green leaves, light-green blooms in the summer, and golden-yellow foliage in the autumn that adds the perfect touch to the fall atmosphere, this tree would be an elegant addition to your yard. If properly sited, a cider elm will grow up to a height of 70 feet and spread up to 50 feet wide. 

However, the Dutch elm disease is still a problem in Allen and cedar elms, like all elm varieties, are vulnerable to the disease. You may, therefore, need to have a tree service Texas arborist check the trees one in a while. All in all, this is a stately tree and will surely help bring out that curb appeal you seek. 

The Local Tree Experts Overview 

Now that you have an idea on some of the best trees for Allen, pick the varieties that best serve your desired purpose. If you have trouble figuring out if the above species will thrive in your property’s soil conditions, talk to a tree expert. They will examine the available soil type and advise you on the most suitable species for your area.

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