Evergreen Trees For Wichita Falls

The glorious display of colors in fall is what makes trees attractive to many gardeners. Deciduous trees change their appearance with seasons, they are sort of a living calendar. On the other hand, evergreen trees for Wichita Falls have a solid and unchanging appearance but will ensure your garden has some visual interest during the winter.

Keep reading to find out more about evergreen Wichita Falls trees, their characteristics, and maintenance!

Evergreen Trees for Wichita Falls

1. Ashe Juniper

Ashe juniper is an evergreen tree, usually with twisted or branched trunk and irregular or rounded crown. Its large, radiating branches start almost at the ground level, giving an illusion of a multi-trunked tree. Blue fruits on females, fragrant, dark-green foliage, and shaggy bark are the main characteristics of this beautiful tree. Ash juniper is one of the more common North Texas trees

At maturity, this fragrant and picturesque tree can reach up to 30 feet tall. Clay and sandy loams are just fine, but rocky and well-drained soils are more preferred. Many species of birds and small mammals are attracted to the tree due to its berries. Tree services Wichita Falls confirm that golden-cheeked warbler uses the bark of this tree as nesting material. 

2. Arizona Cypress

Arizona cypress is a heat and drought tolerant cypress very common in the area. It is an excellent choice for erosion control, windbreaks, landscape ornamentals, and even Christmas trees. The tree develops rough, gray-brown bark and produces wide, dark reddish-brown cones. They persist on the tree for many years after maturity. Arizona cypress is known for being less susceptible to most Texas tree diseases

The tree can reach up to 50 feet in height when fully developed. It prefers full sun and loamy, sandy, well-drained soils. Ground squirrels and other rodents are usually attracted to the seeds of this tree. 

3. Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern red cedar is a dense, pyramid-shaped tree excellent for screens and windbreaks. It features scale-like evergreen leaves compacted to form 4-sided or rounded branchlets. Rounded, bluish-green fruit resembles a berry, but it is actually made of fused cone scales. It is resistant to most Texas tree fungus, thus almost every tree service Texas recommends it for planting. 

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Once the tree is established, it will grow up to 50 feet tall. Full sun and well-drained, clay soils are preferred for healthy development. Cedar waxwings and browsers are common visitors as the tree provides fruit and nesting. 


Q: What is the best evergreen tree for privacy?

A: The best evergreen Wichita Falls tree is American arborvitae. Also known as the eastern arborvitae, this beautiful tree can live for several hundred years. Experts recommend this tree as one of the best trees for evergreen landscaping. It matures up to 15 feet in height and will certainly make your lot more private. 

Q: What are the fastest growing evergreens?

A: Some of the fastest-growing evergreens in Wichita Falls are Norway spruce, Green giant arborvitae, Leyland cypress, and Eastern white pine. All of these trees are a great addition to a home landscape because they offer year-round color, soften hardscapes, and privacy. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

When it comes to evergreen trees for Wichita Falls, they usually provide privacy, unchanging appearance, and great looks even during the winter. Consult with your local arborist to get the best advice possible on maintaining and caring for evergreen trees in the area. Choose the planting spot, then refer to this article to pick the right tree for your home. Once established, your evergreen will thrive quickly and provide everything you need!

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