Bradford Pear Fire Blight Causes And Treatment

When you perform your regular inspections on your property, it is very important to keep an eye out for signs that indicate serious diseases. One such disease with symptoms you can notice early is Bradford pear fire blight. This tree disease Dallas is named after the scorched appearance of leaves on badly infected trees. Additional problems may show symptoms in form of overburned or weak branches and unhealthy growths. 

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Bradford Pear Fire Blight – What you Need to Know?

Signals to Watch for

As already mentioned, tree services Texas recommend looking for the scorched appearance on the leaves. The disease is common among fruit trees Dallas such as apple, quince, and pear trees, and is caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora. Besides, it is known to attack firethorn species too. Left untreated, this disease will progress and eventually take out large branches and entire trees. 

How do Trees get Infected?

The most common entry point for infection is the tree’s spring flowers. Unfortunately, many owners plant trees just for these flowers, but you just have to be precautious. Damaged leaves and twigs are also very common ways for bacteria to find their way inside. Additionally, wind, rain, and visiting insects spread the infection during moist and warm periods. 

New growth is typically affected as soon as it emerges. Since this is when the trees are the most vulnerable, we recommend avoiding high nitrogen fertilizers in the early spring. 

How does it Look?

Usually, branch tips develop oozing lesions while stems and leaves turn black or brown at a rapid rate. Areas of branches will begin to turn black too as the disease moves into the tree. Also, these watery places attract insects that just further help spread the bacterium. It is very difficult to see these brownish spots, so tree service Texas companies recommend paying more attention to make sure they don’t go unnoticed. 

Like with many other tree diseases in Forth Worth, fire blight Bradford pear will be treated most effectively if the symptoms are detected early. 

How do you treat a fire blight on a Bradford pear tree?

There are a few things you can do to treat this disease as prevention in Texas. Spray the antibiotic mixture on shoots or flowers. The most common one is streptomycin sulfate that you can get from your local nursery. Besides, a copper sulfate fungicide is also a very good option if you apply it when the blossoms are open. 

Can a pear tree survive fire blight?

Fire blight can be deadly in Texas if left untreated. However, even though young trees usually died within a single season, established trees can survive even if the disease keeps coming back. This destructive disease can be regulated but requires attention from a professional. 

Local Tree Experts Overview

Bradford pear fire blight can be a very tough disease to deal with if left untreated. However, with careful observation and help from a professional, you can manage to save your trees if they already caught the disease.

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