Best Trees For Bedford

Grass and flowers may never get old, but let’s get real; every yard looks (and feels) more alive with trees. Planting trees will not only beautify and liven up your home but will also add some privacy and keep it cooler during summer. 

There are many trees that will turn your Bedford garden into a small paradise. Your choice, however, will be determined by the goal you desire the tree to help you achieve. Here, we highlight the best trees for Bedford that would serve different purposes to transform your yard into a stunning haven of tranquility. 

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5 Best Trees For Bedford That Will Bring Flair To Your Garden

If you just moved to Belford and looking to add some trees to your property, you may be wondering, “What is the most popular tree in Bedford?” Well, there are plenty of trees that have been found to grow well in this area. Here are the most popular.

1. Natchez Crape Myrtle 

Imagine an incredible four months of vibrant blooms! The Natchez Crape Myrtle will grace your garden with hundreds of brilliant white blooms from June to September, attracting all kinds of nectar-sucking wildlife. The tree grows rapidly, sometimes up to 5 feet a year, and reaches a mature height of 30 feet and a width of about 20 feet. 

The Natchez is tolerant of many climatic and soil conditions. Its gorgeous flowers will explode in brilliance through the toughest weather and conditions. This and the tree’s ability to resist some of the most common trees diseases in Texas ranks it among the most preferred Bedford trees. Gardeners also love the unusual bark coloring the trunk exhibits in the winter that makes this tree stand out from the rest during the cold season. 

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2. American Sycamore 

The American Sycamore is one of the most popular shade trees in Texas. It is used for both commercial and residential landscaping because its canopy grows thick and fast, providing tons of shade quickly. When sited right, the tree can gain up to 6 feet every year and max out to a mature height of 70 feet, with a canopy spread of 50 feet. 

If you have the space, your American Sycamore will grow into a gigantic symmetrical tree, producing dense green foliage that will turn golden yellow in the fall. Come winter, it will develop a smooth, white bark, adding extra color to your garden when the other trees look dreary. 

And if you are silently wondering, “What is the cheapest tree to plant?” the American Sycamore is one of the cheapest Bedford trees in terms of growth and maintenance. It can adapt to many soil types and climates, thriving with just a little bit of sun and water. 

3. Jane Magnolia 

If you have a smaller yard and would like to plant something that blooms, the Jane Magnolia tree could be just what you need. This tree does not grow any taller than 15 feet or wider than 10 feet, which makes it perfect for tight spaces. It will keep your garden alive with its pink blossoms, and since it blooms much later than most flowering trees in Texas, it is not affected by the spring frosts that cause other tree varieties to lose their flowers in this state. 

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The Jane’s tulip-shaped flowers fill the air with enchanting scent, welcoming summer in style and outlasting tough soil and climatic conditions with ease. Even better, you won’t have to spend money on expensive tree trimming Bedford services, as the tree does not require any trimming to continue blooming. 

4. Japanese Maple 

The Japanese Maple is a true show-stopper, brightening your garden with changing red foliage season after season. The tree produces beautiful red leaves in the spring that turn burgundy in the summer and scarlet in the fall. In the winter, the bark develops tones of black and red, adding even more color to the yard. Have one as a specimen in the front yard or line a few in the driveway and you will have a year-round visual interest!

The Japanese maple grows to a height of about 20 feet, with its canopy spreading about 15 feet wide, but you can trim it to any height you desire. You will love everything this tree brings to your property including increased value and beauty. And the best part? You get all this with very little maintenance. 

5. Royal Empress 

Another tree that will keep your yard spruced up year-round is the Royal Empress. This one will have something for every season; in the winter, it will have furry, pea-sized buds waiting to explode into huge blooms, and in the spring it will produce bursts of fragrant purple blooms. Come summer, the tree will form a heavy canopy that cools your home drastically, bringing down your energy bills. 

This tree grows anywhere and has no significant disease or pest problems. It is also drought-tolerant and can grow in a wide variety of soil types, even poorly-drained and toxic ones. If conditions are right, your Royal Empress will grow to a maximum height of 50 feet and spread out 40 feet wide, providing deep shade, cutting energy costs, and keeping your air clean at a remarkable rate. 

What Trees Can You Plant Close To The House?

Some of the trees that you can plant close to the house without putting it at risk of damage include:

  • Jane magnolia 
  • American hornbeam 
  • Japanese maple
  • Flowering dogwood
  • American holly

The Local Tree Experts Overview

All the trees discussed here would be a great addition to your Bedford property. They are easy to maintain and can tolerate most tree pests and diseases. And while there are many varieties that could fit in the category of the best trees for Bedford, it all boils down to what you hope to achieve and the amount of space you have. Pick a tree that best meets your needs and space specifications. If you are having trouble selecting one for your yard, consult a tree service Texas expert.

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