Best Decorative Trees For Dallas

Spring is a great time to fertilize your trees and renew mulch. Also, people usually try to freshen up their gardens and backyards with new decorative trees for Dallas area. Due to many different types of trees available, choosing the one that will fit your needs can sometimes seem overwhelming. Some species are more suited for the soil and climate in Dallas, so learning a thing or two about caring for these can do miracles. 

Keep reading to find out more about ornamental trees for Dallas and how to properly take care of them!

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Decorative Trees for Dallas – Common Species

1. Crape Myrtle

Crape myrtle is a Southern classic that comes with various flower colors – from pink to lavender. It can range in height and has different trunk colors, depending on a variety. Some of these are considered shrubs, but others are considered actual trees. This tree requires almost no maintenance, just a bit of water and full sun. Crape myrtle grows really fast and produces great looking blooms in the summer. 

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2. Purple Leaf Plum

Purple leaf plum is known for being one of the first decorative trees for Dallas to bloom in spring. You can easily identify and spot their beautiful white and pink flowers as you drive around Dallas. With its reddish or purple leaves all year round and single trunk, this tree is recommended for landscaping by many tree services in Dallas. It requires about 20 x 20 feet area, partial shade, and moderate water to grow properly. 

3. Mountain Laurel

Texas mountain laurel is a drought-tolerant beauty that catches people’s attention pretty easily, especially when in bloom. Still, a hard freeze can sometimes impact the blooms, but it won’t kill the tree. It can grow among limestone and rocks but requires good drainage for proper development. Ornamental trees for Dallas area usually look like shrubs, and mountain laurel is no different. When it comes to development, it requires about 20 feet to grow and partial sun. 

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4. Vitex

Also known as the “Texas lilac”, Vitex usually appears as a shrub or small tree with a large top. It is perfect for xeriscaping since it is drought-tolerant and does well in full sun. Vitex showcases spiky blooms of beautiful lavender flowers from May to September. Sometimes, blooming will continue until late fall. This deciduous tree loses its leaves in the winter and needs about 15 x 10 area to grow properly. Butterflies and bees love it, so it is great for pollination. 

5. Eve’s Necklace 

Eve’s necklace is a small tree related to mountain laurel and is usually favored by Texas tree services. It has lustrous green leaves and delicate canopy and pink flowers that hang in clusters. The name originates from pods that are produced in late summer and fall that resemble a string of beads. However, arborists say that the seeds are poisonous, so you probably don’t want to grow this tree for nutrition. 

6. Redbud

Three main redbud trees are prevalent in Texas – Mexican, Texas, and Eastern redbud. All three of these have pink/purple blossoms and heart-shaped leaves. They are one of the most popular ornamental trees for Dallas with their short trunks and high spreading branches. Since redbuds provide a lot of colors, people prefer to use them in their gardens and backyards to get beautiful landscapes in early spring. They require full sun or partial shade and Texas and Mexican varieties are drought-tolerant. 

7. Yaupon Holly 

Yaupon holly is a small, versatile, tree that is a very popular choice for commercial and residential landscaping. It can be left to grow as an individual tree or trimmed into a hedge. The female plants produce bright red berries that stay until fall and this hardy evergreen has beautiful white flowers in the spring. Yaupon holly can reach up to 30 feet in height and is drought-tolerant, making it a great choice for Texas climate. 

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8. Desert Willow 

Desert willow is a drought-tolerant, low-maintenance tree that’s very popular among Dallas residents. It can be either a large shrub or a small tree and it spreads crow with green leaves that are willow-like. These leaves have fragrant, pink flowers in the mid-summer and they form clusters at the tip of branches. This native does well in full sun and can easily withstand the temperatures in North Texas during the summer. Its flowers attract bees and hummingbirds, so expect a lot of wildlife! 

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Tree Service Removal Overview

There are many different types of decorative trees for Dallas area. However, these usually require almost no maintenance, which is why these are even better if you want to get into landscaping. Don’t hesitate to consult with your local arborists to get advice on caring for ornamental trees. Once you pick a location for your new tree, refer to this article to choose the one that will fit your needs the best!

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