Best Evergreen Trees For Abilene

When it comes to picking trees for your Abilene home, evergreens are some of the great options you could consider. Unlike some species that shed their foliage for part of the year, evergreen trees will keep their leaves throughout the year, providing you with beauty, privacy, and protection against strong winds. 

And they come in many different sizes, from tiny dwarf shrubs to gigantic species, to suit every landscaper’s needs. We have discussed below a few evergreen trees for Abilene that will keep your property alive all year round with little care. 

3 Evergreen Trees For Abilene Every Gardener Should Try

There are many evergreen trees that grown well in Abilene. Here are our best three. 

1. Austrian Pine

Gardeners who are looking to add some privacy to their Abilene property may be wondering, “What is the best evergreen tree for privacy?” Well, one of the best Abilene evergreen trees for privacy is the Austrian pine.  Whether planted in rows or as standalone trees, Austrian Pines reach a height of about 60 feet, providing a large enough wall to obstruct your neighbor’s view of your property, all the while adding beauty to the scenery. 

The trees will also act as windbreakers protecting your home and weaker plants from powerful winds. And don’t worry about spending money on tree service Abilene companies for regular tree exams; Austrian pines are drought and disease resistant and will thrive even in the harshest of conditions with little maintenance. It is no wonder they are also considered some of the best trees for West Texas and other areas that experience arid conditions. 

2. Live Oak

Few trees are awe-striking as the live oak. It is a large grower with dark green leaves that shine through blazing summers and harsh winters, cutting down your energy bills and enlivening your home year-round. 

Live oaks flourish in both full and partial sunlight and are highly drought and heat resistant. When conditions for growth are right, the tree can grow up to 80 feet in height and 100 feet in width, which makes it one of the best shade trees for Texas

But oak wilt, a deadly tree fungus in Texas is still a problem in Abilene. You may, therefore, need an expert to examine your tree once in a while to ensure it stays healthy. Other than that, live oaks are considered pretty resilient and can live for hundreds of years. 

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3. Dwarf Yaupon Holly 

If you need something you can use as foundation hedging or border plantings, try the Dwarf Yaupon Holly. This one doesn’t grow any taller than 5 feet, which also makes it one of the best Abilene evergreen trees for people looking for dwarf specimen trees. 

The tree withstands tough soil types and atmospheric conditions, thanks to its high caffeine content that makes it immune to severe temperatures, diseases, and anything else that takes out most tree species. With Dwarf Yaupon Holly, you will get a stunning landscape without the hassle of having to hire a tree service Texas expert for regular maintenance. 

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What Are The Fastest Growing Evergreens?

The fastest-growing evergreens in Abilene include:

  • Yaupon
  • Evergreen Sumac
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Texas Sage 
  • Juniper

The Local Tree Experts Overview 

The above evergreen trees for Abilene can serve many purposes depending on what you wish to achieve. Whether you are looking for something that gives you more privacy, keeps your home cool during summer, or produces beautiful foundation hedges, these trees got you covered and all three will create the perfect landscape. They are low-maintenance and can withstand the tough soil types of Abilene as well as the harsh weather conditions experienced in this area.

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