Small And Evergreen Trees For Las Vegas

The best evergreen trees for Las Vegas will protect against harsh winter winds and extreme summer heat. With leaves throughout the year, they will be a great addition to any garden. If you have small spaces, however, it is important to focus on small evergreens, including those we’ll be talking about in this short guide. 

The Best Small and Evergreen Trees for Las Vegas 

1. Bay Laurel 

This aromatic evergreen tree is one of the best choices for small gardens in Lass Vegas not just because of its size but also because of its fragrant leaves. When dried, the leaves are prized for their culinary value, adding a distinct flavor in different dishes, including stews and soups. 

While it can grow into a tall tree, it is easy to keep it low and compact. Regular tree trimming Las Vegas is crucial to maintaining its small size even as the tree matures. While regular pruning is a must, avoid over-doing such. Otherwise, it will restrict the growth of the berries and flowers, which appear early in spring. 

2. Little Leaf Ash 

A multi-trunk tree, it can grow at a maximum height of 20 feet and a width of 15 feet. While it is a short tree, it can have a wide canopy, which will make it perfect if you are looking for the best shade trees in Las Vegas. 

As a slow grower, taking care of this small evergreen tree is easy. This means that you do not need to trim it regularly. It needs full sun to shade and regular watering when it is young. Once it is established, water through a drip line only once to twice a month. While it is drought-tolerant, supplemental irrigation is recommended in extreme drought. 

3. Whitethorn Acacia

When it reaches maturity, the whitethorn acacia grows 10 to 20 feet, making it another great addition to our list of the best small trees for Las Vegas. It is multi-trunked with slightly zig-zagged trunks. It has needle-sharp and white thorns. It grows slender reddish-brown bean pods and bright-yellow blooms. 

With its fragrant flowers and compact size, it is a good pick for an ornamental tree. Without proper care, however, it suffers from defoliation and other signs of damage. To prevent this, make sure to prune as needed to get rid of diseased branches and manage their shape. 

4. Fruitless Olive 


This is a compact evergreen that is grown not for olives but for its beauty. It has a contorted top with greenish-gray foliage. It grows sterile and yellow flowers in spring, making it prettier. Because it does not grow fruits, there are no extensive droppings, and hence, cleaning your garden is not a burden. 

To grow a fruitless olive successfully, experts in tree services Nevada suggest that you pick a location with at least eight hours of sun per day. It should also be planted in an area with well-draining soil. Using a high-nitrogen fertilizer is a must when it is young. 

5. Western Redbud 

An evergreen tree that grows in desert climates like Las Vegas, the Western Redbud is popular for its astounding beauty. It has thin branches overpowered by its heart-shaped leaves and showy bright pink or magenta flowers. The blooms will make your landscape a head-turner!

One of the most important care requirements for western redbud is regular trimming. If it does not flower as expected, it can be cut all the way to the ground to restore its vigor. Removing larger trunks to grow new ones can also help to salvage the tree when it is dying. 

6. Willow Pittosporum 

With a height of 20 to 25 feet, this is another great option for small trees for Las Vegas. In spring or winter, it grows fragrant and showy yellow flowers, making it an attractive addition to any landscape. Meanwhile, the leaves are dark green and narrow. The tree is also known for its drooping leaves, which is also why it is also called weeping pittosporum. 

While it is a low-maintenance tree, it is crucial to have a proactive approach in ensuring its healthy growth. Hand pruning upon maturity will help in maintaining the size of this evergreen tree. Too much pruning, however, should be avoided as it can remove their beautiful flowers. If you need to prune, it is best to do so once the flowers have already dropped. 

7. Texas Olive 

Growing up to 20 feet, the Texas Olive is popular because of its showy creamy-white flowers, made more beautiful by their yellow throats. It has olive-green foliage that grows in a rounded shape, giving the tree a distinct character. 

It is prone to a variety of diseases, and one of the most common is root rot. The best way to avoid the latter is to ensure that the soil is well-draining. Keeping it soggy will make it a breeding ground for pathogens that can spread the infection to the roots. Practice deep and infrequent watering. If possible, water only during drought. 

8. Mulga 

Drought is one of the biggest problems amongst gardeners in Nevada. With this, you need to choose water-wise trees to ensure healthy growth even after a long period without rain. If that’s the case, then mulga is a great option. Also called Acacia aneura, it is a small shade tree. It grows 15 to 20 feet with a spread of up to 12 feet. This pyramidal tree has needle-shaped and silver-gray foliage, making it an interesting landscape feature. 

This hardy tree grows best in a location with full sun. It does not tolerate an area with partial shade. It is also important to have well-draining soil. More so, the tree requires training to develop its shape, especially for growing a single trunk. Using an iron chelate fertilizer in spring is also recommended. 

Local Trees Experts Overview 

A lot of urban yards are getting smaller these days. With the small and evergreen trees for Las Vegas mentioned above, your home will have green foliage year-round! These trees grow below 25 feet, making them perfect even in small spaces.

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