10 Best Las Vegas Trees

The best Las Vegas trees will make any home stand-out. With the right tree, you are not only making your property more beautiful, but you are also driving its value up. Not to mention, a good tree creates shade, protects against wind, and provides wildlife habitat, among other benefits. 

Not all trees, however, are the same. Some can be a headache to grow, especially when it comes to care and maintenance. If you are undecided about what to pick, keep on reading as we have a rundown of the best trees for Las Vegas. 

Our Favorite Las Vegas Trees 

1. Bottle Tree

While it is an Australian native tree, it also thrives in Las Vegas. It grows fast at a moderate size, and best when located near your home because of the shade that it provides. Depending on the variety, it can grow up to 80 feet, so make sure that you have generous space available. 

2. Sweet Acacia

A flowering and drought-tolerant tree, this is perfect for Las Vegas, especially when it gets extremely hot. The dark green foliage of the tree perfectly complements its yellow flowers, making it a beautiful addition to your landscape. On average, it grows at a height of 20 feet, which is why professional providers of tree services Nevada recommend it to small gardens. 

3. Chilean Mesquite 

With its rapid growth and low-water requirement, this is another good option for the best trees for Las Vegas. It can grow either with single or multiple trunks. The height reaches up to 30 feet and it can be as wide as 40 feet. It grows best in full sun. During its first year, water the tree every seven to ten days to help establish its growth. 

4. Tipuana

Also called tipu, this is a medium-sized flowering tree with a high canopy. The rounded or spreading shape of the canopy makes it a great shade tree, especially because it reaches a width of up to 50 feet. Be careful with psyllid, which is the most common pest in this tree. 

5. Sissoo

With a height of 60 feet and spread of 40 feet, this is a good option if you have the luxury of space. The tree is known as a good source of top-notch lumber for furniture. Nonetheless, it is also a striking landscape tree because of its light-green foliage. The flowers are small, but they are noticeable because of their distinct fragrance. 

6. Museum Palo Verde 

A fast-growing deciduous tree, this is a must-have for a striking landscape. The yellow-green foliage will make it stand out. In spring, brilliant yellow blooms will appear, making the tree more beautiful. The best thing is that it does not have thorns, unlike the original palo verde. 

7. Crape Myrtle 

Gifted with showy flowers and attractive bark, the crape myrtle is one of the most beautiful Las Vegas trees. The blooms will grow out of new wood, so you must pay attention to regular tree trimming Las Vegas. Correct pruning helps yield better shape and more flowers. 

8. Oleander 

While the oleander is a beautiful small tree, take note that it is also poisonous, so observe caution. Ingesting parts of the tree is toxic to both humans and animals. If you have pets or small children, it is best to stay away from this plant. Nonetheless, it is grown by many because of its large flowers, which can be yellow, red, pink, or white. 

9. Texas Ebony 

If you are looking for a protective or barrier tree in Las Vegas, this is a good choice because of its thorns. At the same time, it is also an attractive tree because it grows cream-colored blooms that provide a unique fragrance. 

10. Chinese Pistache

The round crown is one of the best assets of this tree, making it add a unique appeal to any landscape. This ornamental tree can reach a height and width of 35 feet upon maturity. The ideal environment for its growth requires full sun and well-draining soil. It is also used for xeriscaping to attract wildlife. 

Local Tree Experts Overview 

Transform your home’s landscape from boring to beautiful. Consider our recommendations above for the best Las Vegas trees. They are a quick way to make your home look better while also doing something good for the environment. 

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